Sunday, May 18, 2008

What I DO have.

Big, big thanks and hug to Claudia. She had left a comment a while back that I just re-read today, which made me go back and watch a so-unbelievably-cool video.

The song is "Ain't Got No" from "Hair". The artist is Nina Simone, who I absolutely revere.

The title is so misleading ... half the song is singing about what she doesn't have. But it's really about the second part of the song.

I know that I more often than not feel that I ain't got enough money, enough time, enough friends, enough family, anough of anything that I want. Enough energy. Enough gas in my car. Enough food in the kitchen. Enough laundry detergent, enough sunshine, enough ability, enough patience, enough anything. On any given day, what I don't have changes from one thing to another and never seems to lessen.

What do I have? I have my eyes, my ears, my mouth. I have my mind, my home, my freedom. I have my arms, my hands, my fingers. I have my legs, my feet, my feelings. I have my background, my past, my future, my "me". I have my Scott, my failings, my forgiveness, my hope. I have more than I can count at any given moment, more than I deserve, more than I need. I have more coming in than I do going out. I have the ability to give others more than they have.

No, I ain't got one (two) things she sings - I ain't got her boobies. But I can live with that.

What do you have?


madhousesix said...

just touching base. ok?

LSL said...

I've got boobs and a great vid of Mika covering this song. xo!

jo said...

I've got an awesome cousin!

Scooter said...

I Got You, Babe.

Lewis said...

Thanks for the reminder....especially after spending last night dinner with a selfish, victimized, poor little icky person....(don't get me started). And, as for the boobies, you certainly don't have hers...BUT YOU HAVE YOUR OWN. Be proud of 'em!

Anonymous said...

it's a cool one eh? Hugs back at ya.

ps... HOLY crow that word verification was long today lol