Sunday, May 04, 2008

International House of Crabs

Off to Chinatown - er, the International District - for dinner ...

My favorite - the Boy Boy's Salon:

HoHo ... it's not just a restaurant, it's a way of life:

The International District Gate:

Mmmm ... Sea Garden:

Scott's dinner - before:

And after:

Scott likes crab:

Man, I just can't take a good picture lately. No wonder I didn't win:

Hope y'all had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

You're making me homesick!!! Haven't been back to my home in over 2 years. Haven't been to International District in probably 6 years. I don't remember the gate, and am guessing that's new? They always needed that as most large chinatowns do!

Sorted Lives said...

Scott's dinner looks wonderful, what is it? Glad you guys had a great weekend.

Paul said...

OK, I've got a question:

Boy Boy's Salon ???

Is it for boys? Run by boys? A front? And it's you favorite because?

TankMontreal said...

I've been to a few boy boy salons in my day but they didn't look quite like that one.

Anonymous said...

lol. too funny.

::say, i'm still waiting on an email from you... lol

Matt said...

anythingbutsad - yes, the gate is new. Actually that was the first time I'd seen it! Much better than the dragon-painted columns under I-5 heading in on Jackson Street ... :)

Sorted - it was Dungeness crab with ginger and green onions. I opted for almond chicken. I don't like have to break something's body open and suck it out to eat dinner.

Paul - really, no clue whatsoever. Could be any and all of the above. I just thought the name was funny. I don't think I'd get my nails done there.

Tank - I'll bet.

strangerelationship - sorry, I sent you a "hi" e-mail tonight!

Anonymous said...

Scott's dinner looks delish! Glad you guys had a fun time. Good pics, BTW. Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...

Ok, I see Scott got crabs but what did you get? That's what you get for hanging out in some place called Boy Boy Salon. Shame on you both. ;-)

Darth Gateau said...