Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Time, Summer in the City ...

Scott and I had the day off together. After finishing cleaning the house, we realized that we still needed to find something to replace the dead plants in the front hall:

Yeah, pathetic. We haven't gotten around to finding the right plants.

So off to run errands. We needed to go to Lowe's and a nursery.

It was a hot, record-breaking day today, so a lot of people were out on boats in Portage Bay:

Up we went onto I-5, crossing the Montlake Cut with a view of the University of Washington:

Scott thought I should take pictures of every nail salon on the way. That would have been about 4,000 pictures. But nails and joys? And facial waxing? (!!!) I couldn't resist:

I know gas prices are worse other places, but this is pretty high:

Pretty flowers in the window boxes. Hey - those are plastic!!!:

I told you it was hot:

First stop (after Jack In The Box for lunch) - Lowe's:

The Dynamic Duo at Lowe's:

Passing the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man:

Cool pedestrian bridge:

Next stop - Sky Nursery:

On the way home - Jesus not only saves, he bobbles:

You have to love Aurora Avenue. It's so classy. Nails and love. What could go wrong?

Typical of Aurora Avenue - a "No Tell Motel". Or maybe the billboard is their sign:

The Dancing Bare Burlesque Theater. "Clumsy Jugglers. Fat Comics. Ugly Musicians. Beautiful Women." My kinda place:

Ooooohhhh - a waitress contest. I could win that. Ummm ... why are there no windows on that ... ummm. Never mind. Let's keep driving ...

Let's get off of Aurora, shall we? Heading home through the University District, past the Seven Gables Theater ...

... and the University branch of the Seattle Public Library ...

... across the University Bridge, with a view of the traffic-clogged I-5 bridge ...

... in the Montlake neighborhood with the huge I-5 bridge overhead ...

... heading up Capitol Hill, where you have to stop for pedestrians 'cause IT'S THE CLAW:

Home with our purchases. Mr. Planter is now happy:

More pictures later ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


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Lewis said...

Wasn't Saturday one hell of a hot day? I'm not ready for that heat. My car said 101 at one point. My Jack in the Box meal always includes: two regular tacos with no sauce, small jalapeno bits, single egg roll and sometimes hot bites. Occasionally I'll do their Southwest Chicken Salad which is divine.

Licia said...

Ah memories, that used to be my way to work! I miss Cap Hill sometimes.

BTW, I've totally been stalking your blog. I like it.