Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 12 of 12

Yes, I'm back ... I can't believe I missed last month! That's the first time, I think, in almost four years. In my defense, my computer drew its last breath at the beginning of January and I didn't get my new laptop until the 14th - and to be honest I haven't completely figured out the photo editing software that came with it (and haven't looked into better programs). So without further ado (or excuses), I present to you: Matterdays 12 of 12 for February, 2011!

If any of you still don't know what this is (really, people?), check it out here. Chad will stop hosting after this year, but hopefully it will still keep going.

I ran some errands in the morning - and realized that I'd forgotten my camera. So close your eyes and imagine a nice chilly but sunny Saturday morning, a pretty clear view of the mountains, running around the cool Capitol Hill neighborhood, and cherry trees starting to bloom. Seriously.

Now, for the real pictures:

The backyard and pond - not sure if you can tell, but there are buds on everything:

Valentine's Day flowers I ordered for Scott delivered today - they smell right purty.
Scott has taken some really great photographs, and had a few framed. I want to hang these up somewhere in the house:

And then the winds picked up - a LOT - and the rain came pouring down. The Apocalypse, I'm sure. Mark my words.

I made dinner reservations for Valentine's Day online, at a downtown restaurant we haven't been to before (our regular favorite restaurant closed last month, to reopen in a new undisclosed location at some point). I called to confirm our reservation ... and it doesn't exist. Hmm. Here is their website as I was looking for their phone number. Notice the blank, deathly monitor sitting behind my new laptop. For some reason my laptop suddenly stopped recognizing it. All in all this is a tragic picture.

The usually elusive and hard-to-photograph Kasha. She's about 16 years old.

Still pouring rain. These are some tropical plants - anthurium and hibiscus - that spend the winter in our guest room. They can't wait to get back out near the pond in a couple of months.

Your host, Matterdays. I'm contemplating dinner.

Perhaps some jasmine rice ...

... some broccoli ...

... some avocado ...

... and some chicken. Half-eaten dinner while watching "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" - good fluff for a Saturday night.

So, there it is. Happy 12!