Friday, February 02, 2007

Good As You takes on the Beefman!

I've commented before that Good As You is my favorite site that counteracts the crazy anti-gay agenda. Today, he takes on a threatening comment he received after appearing on PBS' "In The Life", which focuses on GLBT issues.

Now, first off, watching him (Jeremy Hooper) on this segment really inspired me. His site doesn't attack, but rather uses humor to disentangle the warped "logic" that tends to be so pervasive in anti-gay messages. He has turned negative personal experience into something so positive it can't be ignored. Without knowing him personally, I'm proud of him.

Secondly, as is his way, he doesn't attack the attacker but instead, the message. He has exposed the commenter as Nick Peronace, head of a Philadelphia beef distributor named Enterprise Steaks. As Jeremy says, perhaps some of Mr. Peronace's customers would not be happy knowing that they are doing business with someone with such archaic and violent views. I know that I have some friends and some readers who are from Philadelphia ... so far be it from me to suggest any action, but if any of you want to spread the word, I certainly can't stop you ...

Thanks, Jeremy, for everything that you do!

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