Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Movin' On Up ...

(This is NOT my office ... )

Well, I've been at my new job for just over a week now ... and I'm already on my third office.

Yep, office, not cubicle, office.

Now don't be gettin' all huffy about me being all hotsy-totsy and stuff. The floor is set up so that the CFO, the two accounting managers, the benefits administrator, and the two senior accountant have offices (with a wall full of windows facing the interior and doors that are almost never closed). When I first started, they put me in the Benefit Administrator's office, since she was on vacation. Then I moved to the Accounting Operations manager's office for a day since she was at a conference in LA. Today, they moved me to my next home, hopefully for a while.

It's the Chief Financial Officer's (CFO's) office.

With windows.

And a HUGE desk.

The CFO is now in a smaller office next door to me.

(Okay, okay ... disclaimer: They've had lots of turnover in the past few years, at all levels. The current CFO is just an interim CFO until they can hire someone permanent, so he's only there 75% of the time. And, I'm sharing the office with another person - but he gets "the table", I get "The Desk". And, the interim CFO took the big comfy leather chair with him to the smaller office. I have a regular desk chair with faded blue upholstery that clunks whenever I turn it).

Still, if I can get a picture of the office and my desk, I'm gonna post it.

They like me, they really like me!! (They do, but that's another post in itself ... )


jo said...

Very impressive, cuz. I'd never get any work done; I'd be looking at the view all day. Yep, you're hotsy-totsy! LOL!

CondoBlogger said...

WOW!!! I've never had a job that included an office, or even a desk really... I just have "areas" that I work at. It's funny actually, someone needed to send me a parking sticker for my car now that I have to drive to work for a while and she needed to know what my mailstop or office number was to send it via interoffice mail. I didn't have an answer for her!

I DO have a phone extension... but no phone.

If you can't get a pic of your office at least sneak a shot of the view! What floor are you on?

Shaney said...

Hmmm I dont have an office but I do get to wander up to the 10th floor everynight for some spectacular views of the city under lights...Post pics please...Its too hard to imagine with a mind like mine...:P

Lewis said...

Of course they like you....that's what happens when you're a friendly, outgoing, professional, hard worker like I think you are....good begats good......
You're in the right place, myfriend....Looks real good.

Matt said...

Well, it is looking like a good fit ... although I'm way out of my comfort level here, and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. But, I don't think it's something I can't handle. If there's one thing I know about myself, I can learn almost anything ...

My office is on the fourth floor (it's the top floor here) and I'm not downtown, so my view is of the gayborhood, or part of it. Mostly 2-4 story buildings, quirky little restaurants and shope (there are two tatoo parlors right across the street). I'll try to sneak some pics soon, not sure if they really have a "blog" policy in place or not but I want to be respectful to them.