Saturday, February 03, 2007

Donnie Davies hoax/satire update ...

Yeah, I know, we're all sick of the story. I've still been watching and waiting for more of the story to unfold, especially after Donnie was "outed" as Dallas actor Joey Oglesby.

For some reason I looked at Joey Oglesby's MySpace page today, where he had just posted this response to the whole thing - denying that he is the same person as Donnie Davies. His denial still sounds a bit ambiguous, though ... so I went back to Mr. Davies' webpage and to the webpage of his band, "Evening Service".

Now, MySpace (supposedly) had shut down both Donnie's and Evening Service's MySpace pages ... but on the band's website, they wrote that MySpace has replaced the Evening Service MySpace page.

It's quite a different page ...

I know, it's all been some weird parody and hoax - but I'm still waiting for the punchline. I'm thinking these people were expecting some reaction from the religious right, which they didn't get. So did it succeed, or fail?

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john said...

I must be way out of some loop. I have to look this story up on the web. Sorry, I don't have something more intelligent to comment.