Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12 of 12

Time again for 12 of 12, everyone's cool buddy Chad's brainchild. These pictures were all taken on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 in Seattle, Washington.

I forgot to bring my camera to work with me this morning - which is just as well. Again, my teeth are clenched, my neck and shoulders and stomach are in knots, and I have workmares every night. So, let's just skip to the "after work" part, kids ...

Scott got home from work just before me.

A picture I bought from our friends' yard sale when they moved out - it's of an entry for the Chicago Tribune building contest in 1922, and part of the Art Institute's treasures. I had to have it. I just didn't have to know where to hang it - so it's been sitting in the upstairs hallway for a while.

We're not big Hallmarky warm-n'-fuzzy guys ... but I LOVE the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" and we've started collecting holiday pieces of the town. Yeah, kinda Christmas geeks.

Down the street to feed the neighbors' cat while they're on vacation. She's a sweetheart.

The kids' aquarium that I'm also taking care of. DAMN that's clean!

Kitty Cat was hungry.

Back home. My favorite Christmas decorations. They remind us of our three dogs.

Stoli gets to come in early every night. She needs a little extra love. And a chew toy.

After I got home, Scott told me there was a Christmas card that came addressed to the both of us - from my Uncle and Aunt in Florida. We're not that close, and I've never told them about Scott ... so I asked my cousin Jo about it ... (remember I'm from a conservative Chicagoland family ... )

And then downstairs to get a glass of wine. Oh, look - poinsettias ... purrty ...

Stoli waiting for me to come back upstairs.

Dinner - pre-cooking.


I mentioned the card from my aunt and uncle above ... the message was short and sweet:

"Hi to you both -

Hope the bad weather didn't get you! Have a nice holiday.


(aunt and uncle)

I believe that there's more to love between people than there are obstacles. I believe that family is more important than we sometimes think (me, at least). I believe that sometimes I don't give people enough credit and am surprised that they could maybe, possibly say "Oh, he has a partner named Scott ... hmmm, okay."

I believe that this is probably the coolest Christmas card I will ever get.


claudinehk said...

Hi Matt,

great 12 of 12, I have those same It's a wonderful life houses! I love them, the funny thing is the scale, the cars are huge and the people so little. But it still is the magical place of Bedford Falls.... Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hey, you deserve to relax at home with all your loved ones. The card is the topper, I agree. Merry Christmas to you all.

Paul said...

I'm guessing that your relatives know more than you give them credit for.

Now, go call your brothers.

Susan said...

kudos to your aunt and uncle for making your Christmas!!
as a mom all I could think about the clean fish tank is the mom harrassing the kid to have it nice and clean before they left on vacation! lol!! Merry Christmas!

Dogeared said...

That card from your aunt and uncle rocks. So glad it brightened your day! I think people often manage to overlook whatever notions they may have had, when they find they apply to people they love. Because if you love family and friends, then their happiness supercedes your feelings. You just want them to be happy.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Awwwwe, the card from your Aunt and Uncle just makes me, aaawwwwe! That was so sweet, it is their way of saying they love and accept you without all the awkward, mushy conversation.
Oooh that picture of the cat looking at you made me jump, when I was a kid someone gave me a cat that looked just like that, she lived until I was 25, still kind of miss her.


somewhere joe said...

Nice ending to a workmare start... gives you that 'all is well with the world after all' feeling. At least the corner of the world that matters most.

Dinner looks yummy, Matt. Simple and yummy. Tink!

ChadDarnell said...

These are great! Thanks for doing it again!


jo said...

Aw, you didn't tell me it came after a bad day. Must be a God thing. ;-)

I wished you guys lived closer. I'd give you a big hug!

9W said...

great 12 of 12; especially love the chicago trib print and the card - that's awesome.

Scooter said...

How lucky am I?

Poun said...

So great that your uncle and aunt wrote to both of you !! It must means a lot for you, i'm happy for both of you !
I hope your workmares will work out and you'll do better !

Happy holidays