Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 Year In Review: 11 of 12

Chad has added an additional "12 of 12" - a Year in Review version! I didn't start doing 12 of 12 until February, so I have 11 of 12. I decided to go with a theme, since I realized every one of my 12 of 12 posts includes pictures of our yard, pond, or some sort of plants and flowers

February: Cherry trees blooming in the International District:

March: Bulbs blooming in the planter on the front walk:

April: The grass in the backyard NEEDS TO BE CUT:

May: The pond and a clean-cut back yard:

June: The pond and back yard in the morning:

July: The rooftop deck and view of the Space Needle at my office:

August: The big clean-up of the front garden:

September: The end-of-summer overgrown back yard:

October: Fall colors on East Union Street:

November: When the rains come:

December: Poinsettias in the front hall:


Dogeared said...

Nice idea, having a theme for the year review!

Helen (Dogeared)

Lewis said...

Those blooming bulbs will be here before we know it!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Matt- I love the pond in your back yard! what a fun post!

Scott said...

I like your year in review!

Susan said...

love that all the photos are showing plants/grass/etc. can't wait to see 2008's photos!