Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 12 of 12

12 of 12 is here!!! It snuck up on me this month, mostly because I started my new job this past Monday. It was a long week, but the new job is a perfect fit - so far, at least.

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Now, for my 12 of 12 ... mine are always pretty boring. And this month is no different - it's Saturday, but Scott is working and there are chores to do. So, another month of pictures from around the house. I promise to be more creative next month - really ...

When items go on clearance, Scott tends to buy things with his employee discount. Last night he brought home 10 place settings of Nate Berkus dinnerware. They're sitting in the front hall until we figure out what to do with them. (Yes, we could put them in the cabinets - but we're not sure yet what to do with the other two sets of dishes that are already in there ... )

Here's one of the settings - you can't tell in the picture, but the light-colored parts are a really pale blue. Cool, eh?

Outside to cut the grass. First, of course Kali has left a mess on the back porch to clean up. She likes to drag everything she can find up on the deck, and then destroy it. I don't even know where half the stuff comes from.

Lupine is starting to bloom ...

... and so is the Golden Chain tree.

I think this shot has been in every 12 of 12 I've done. Kinda cool to see the progression of the seasons, though, with all the plants filling in. Oh, and that desert of dirt at the bottom left will go away, once we get some paving stones - and some energy - so we can put in a small patio.

FINALLY planted the geraniums we got at least a week ago.

A cool picture of the sky.

Kali looking a little sleepy. Destroying things is hard work.

Matterdays, tired from working outside, and having a beer. (And I'm wearing a ballcap - that's not my hair).

Hunter stretching his thumbs. (No, really - he has thumbs).

Once in a while, just to prove we're gay, we watch things like "Fiddler On the Roof".


The theme for May's Bonus Picture is "Dreamscapes". I'm using this picture for a few reasons:

  1. I thought the sky looked sort of ethereal ... dream-like.

  2. This plane is landing, but it will be taking off again. That sort of ebb-and-flow, always-a-new-beginning rhythm is comforting. I'm sure there's something you could read into that involving dreams.

  3. I frequently have dreams involving planes - sometimes practically this exact image. Unfortunately, they aren't good dreams, but we'll leave it at that.

(I almost used the dream sequence from "Fiddler On the Roof" for my bonus picture ... I decided on the "inspirational poster" route rather than showtunes ... )

Happy 12 of 12! And Happy Mother's Day if it applies to you. :)


jo said...

Kali was just cleaning off the grass so you could mow!

Keep showing those pictures of the back yard, and I'll be knocking on your door before you know it! I can't wait until you have a small patio. That is going to be so cool!

FrauP said...

I really like the idea of taking a pic of one perspective every month to see how nature changes!!!

Geee... I hope you understand what I mean!

Thanks for sharing your pics with all of us around the world.

Steffi (from Germany)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. The yard/garden is so pretty!

Lewis said...

I love your photo journals and 12's. Especially the airplane!

johnmichael said...

Awesome garden!!

Anonymous said...

That is alot of dishes! lol. Your pooch is a beauty as well. Thank you for the mother's day wishes. I was at work, but came home to a sparkling clean home :)

CondoBlogger said...

(Homer Simpson voice) mmmmmmm Nate Berkus!

Your yard is amazing, and I can not see too many pictures of that adorable KALI!

So mad that I forgot this month... GRRRRRR!

SeƱora CC said...

Kali is working hard indeed. Awesome dog. You made me laugh with your next-to-last photo comment. Also: beautiful yard. Wish I had one. Great post!
~ CC

Brechi said...

Your yard is so pretty. And Kali is cute too :)

Michael said...

Did Nate Burkis pop out of one of those boxes? Naked?

Zippy said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Kali has to live up to her name, you know. It's tough being named after a goddess!