Monday, May 14, 2007

Cool cool cool music

This is one of my favorite songs, and I love hearing different people interpret it.

Total length of the video is 6'38" ... the first few minutes are all drums (which I'm into), but definitely stay and listen to her voice. In love with it.


LSL said...

Wow, what a powerhouse. Loved this.

Anonymous said...

Very very cool...Who is she?

johnmichael said... started for me, but then stop and then started and stopped. Arrgh!

Matt said...

Crazy/Mom (I don't know what to call you!!) - she's an American jazz singer/composer, from Georgia - I think she got her start very young in gospel (I think she's not even thirty now!). I actually don't know too much about her, this is about the second or third song I've heard of hers, but love the voice!

Johnmichael - if you hit "pause" and let it download all the way, does that help? I think you might like her voice, too.

Anonymous said...

Evil, I know...I chose that looong name from a Gnarls Barkley song and it is kinda funny to see the responses like "ITYCJLM" to "crazyladymom" to "supermom" lol. My name is Claudia, if it would ease things.

She is stunning!