Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sorority Girls from HELL!!!!

Yeah, I know that The Other Matt posted this before ... but Scott introduced me to this years ago and rediscovered on YouTube, so I just gotta share it ...

My favorite lines:
  • "She wore her nylons backwards - which is REAL tough to do"
  • "She put the pin through her skirt, through her leg, then back through her skirt again"
  • "Please - no more!!!!"
  • "She was real smart, she could see around corners and stuff"
  • "Leave me alone, I've done nothing to you!"
  • "Dun - DAAH DA, dun - DAAH DA!"
  • "'Cause that's how you walk when you're gonna kill somebody"
  • "Are the mussels fresh?"



Scott said...

OMG! I laugh every time I see that!
I think I peed myself a little.

dbv said...

i hadn't seen that in years!!

Paul said...

I'm glad college was NOTHING like that. Or I probably would have packed my bags and gone home.

Michael said...

Thanks for posting this--I almost forgot about it. Hilarious!

Carter said...

Thanks for finding this again! I'll never forget going to the Halloween Parade in West Holly wood 16 years ago and seeing a white convertable 280SL Mercedes, with three big haired drag queens, dressed alike and sitting up high in the back seat, screaming "Erma, Erma, Erma" at an Erma look-a-like, complete with school books, running down the street in front of the car. Hysterical!