Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good thoughts for a friend

I came home today, and it was 67 degrees ... sunny and warm, and a perfect Seattle spring day. Things are blooming and growing, and there's life all around ...

I saw my friend Bruce outside walking his dog (Jezebel - "Jezzie") and went out to say hi. He seemed pretty down, so I asked him what was going on, as I hadn't seen him for a while.

His mom has emphysema. I shuddered when I heard that, since my Dad died from emphysema (and complications of) a little over a year ago. It's something that can't be reversed, only the symptoms treated. She also, unfortunately, has lung cancer. So, any treatment that will help one ailment will be detrimental to the other. She's in a no-win situation. Everything is in an early-stage diagnosis, but these are pretty much inoperable things.

I felt so bad talking to him - his dad died in a car accident about 10 years ago, and he's trying so hard to be in a positive place about this - but I can tell that he's pretty torn up. And who wouldn't be?

He's a church-going man, and trying to get some strength from that, but it made me so sad to see him like this and knowing that there really isn't a whole lot of hope for his Mom. All I could do is give him a hug, and let him know I'm thinking of her, and hope against hope that something good happens.

I hate things like this. I know it's all a part of life, but it's so hard on the living. And, it makes me think of everyone who's going through something like this.

I hope, for Bruce's sake, that everything is as painless as possible.


Lewis said...

Ugh. I hate things like that. And, you're right, I/we always feel so badly. And having that human connection to what they are going through. Brings tears to my eyes and heaviness to my heart.

Michael said...

Hugs to Bruce. Good for you for being there for him.

Paul said...

The best friends are often those that are available to just listen.

You've done good.