Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kali the Conehead - again

I posted this about our puppy Kali's shoulder surgery last fall, where she had to wear a cone for two weeks.

She's back into that fashion statement again.

Yesterday she was spayed. We know it's a common operation, a responsible thing to do as a pet owner, and can lessen the possibility of a whole bunch of future medical problems. But still - it's hard to voluntarily put your baby through such an ordeal.

She's a little more awake and aware this afternoon, although she really hasn't eaten anything and isn't drinking any water yet. She did lick the last of Scott's lobster bisque after lunch, and licked some peanut butter off a spoon just a few minutes ago, so that's good. She was really woozy until at least noon today and got sick then, but seems to be doing better. But she hates that damn cone:

On a lighter note - today is my partner Scott's birthday!!!!! He's such an incredible guy. He has the weekend off (hooray! it's rare that we have two days off together) and we've just stayed in today, enjoying the fact that we're both at home and listening to our weekend NPR radio shows (yeah, we're NPR geeks). His Mom stopped by earlier with a gift for him, and the dogs just go crazy when they see "Gwammy" - which is probably why Kali got sick ... I think the excitement added to her recovering-from-surgery-and-anesthesia upset stomach.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with some dear friends who offered to treat us to a steakhouse near their home in West Seattle for Scott's birthday. I'm a little nervous about leaving Kali alone for a few hours, but I think she'll probably just sleep most of the time.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll take the time to post some pictures we took in our yard yesterday afternoon of all the plants blooming and waking up ... we do love spring here in Seattle. And that whole Easter hope-and-renewal theme would be good tomorrow.


Lewis said...

Happy Birthday to Scott! And so cool that you guys have two days off together....a weekend off in retail is unheard of. Yippee.

Kelly said...

Happy Easter... and Birthday wishes to Scott.... Jeff's bday was Friday too....

CondoBlogger said...

Happy B-Day to Scott!

Oh speaking of Scott, his store and the robbery featuring the wayward duck was featured on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me: the NPR News Quiz" last weekend! I had it downloaded (free podcast) and didn't hear it till Friday! Thought you/he might get a kick out of that.

Michael said...

I'm an NPR geek, too!