Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanctity of Life

*WARNING: Matterdays is in a very, very foul mood. I in no way promise this to be a typical rational, look-at-all-sides posting. This is a rant. Read at the risk of disagreeing and seeing Matterdays in a not-so-loving light*

So the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has upheld the ban on what the conservatives call "partial-birth" abortions.

President Bush said "it affirms the progress his administration has made to defend the 'sanctity of life.'"

Bull. Shit.

I am oh-so-more-than-overly-tired of the conservative religious right abusing the word "sanctity" to tailor it however it suits them. I am really supposed to believe that these people believe that life is sacred?

Let's see here:

  • We have been in a "war" in Iraq for over four years now. It has become a civil war and an occupation. Today, at least 166 people were killed in Baghdad. I don't see any of the conservative proponents of the "sanctity of life" wringing their hands over it. I believe the term used is "collateral damage" - the almighty US of A is fighting the Good Fight, and ya just gotta accept this kinda shit happening.
  • Over 3,300 US military have been killed since the start of this egotistical war. But, that's the 'Merkin way. Ya gotta go show those foreigners who's boss and bang 'em upside the head with Duhmocracy. If only they'd learn to be 'Merkin and Christian, the world wouldn't be in such a goldang mess. So long as they don't actually try to MOVE here, of course.
  • A young man with chronicled mental illness plotted and carried out the massacre of 32 people at the Virginia Tech campus two days ago. But God forbid we 'Merkins have to give up our constitutional right to carry a gun so we can blast the hell out of anyone who crosses our path. Instead, we should be ridding our country of "gun free zones" ... if only every student and faculty member at Virginia Tech had been carrying a concealed weapon, they all could have shot the bejeebus outta that Korean idiot before he killed his first innocent victim! And while we're at it - he shouldn'ta been here in the first place! This country is only for flag-waving, Chevy-driving, kick-ass True 'Merkins!! Yee-hah!!!!
Sanctity Of Life.


As long as it's an American, white, Republican, Christian, heterosexual, not-yet-born life. I believe the phrase this sect is looking for is Sanctity Of Birth. After that - screw 'em. Send 'em off to die in an ego-driven war. Let 'em get mutilated by bullets that Our Dear Constitution Says We Must Have The Right To Own And Fire. As long as we make damn sure they get born in the first place. That's all that matters.

Of course, if they're gay, or mentally impaired, or somehow Imperfect, hell - THAT'S cause for an abortion. But those aren't the kinds of people we want to be 'Merkins anyway, now, is it?

"Sanctity of Life" my ass. Once Every Single One of these yee-hahs starts agreeing to see all existing human life as sacred, and actually worth protecting and respecting in ALL ways, then I might consider their opinion to be relevant. Until then ... uh-uh. I will not wear your blinders.

UPDATE 4/22/07: Here's an interesting post on DailyKos.


CondoBlogger said...

sic em boy!

Michael said...

Amen and Hallelujah! I also heard on the news this morning that funding for mental health care has been cut 50% over the last 25 years, yet we refuse to do anything about gun control with all these crazies running around. Also, you better damn well have that unwanted child, but after that you'll get no help in trying to raise that child you can't afford in the first place as we continue to cut social programs or farm them out to "faith based" charities.

Lewis said...

(I liked it when you said bullshit...)
I'm sick of it means nothing. Total air out of the mouths of puppets. They want to protect the fetus/child until he/she is born....and then we have no regard for them whatsoever and don't take good care of our children at all. Plus, when the bill omits an exception for the health of the mother....don't even get me (us) started. We value an unborn child but not the mother? Come on. Weirdos. But we already knew that. (Get fired up again you can use the BS word)

Alan said...

Its a sad day whenever our government tells us what to do with our bodies. Perhaps it will wake women up to just what having conservative presidents in charge of naming people to the Supreme Court for life means to them on a personal level.

LSL said...

I'm almost too tired to get my thoughts together, but had to comment. Thanks so much for writing about this - for some reason this ruling hit me particularly hard this time around. It made me feel hopeless, hopeless, hopeless. I read JMG's blurb on it and was just emotionally overwhelmed. And I started to read the comments on his blog and started to cry a little. I think you put words to my feelings. It's such a farce, it's the ultimate hypocracy, and for exactly the reasons you mentioned. It brings up all kinds of religion issues for me, and makes me feel like there will never, ever be understanding and acceptance of divergent views. It scares the hell out of me that GWB can determine what I will/won't/can't do with my own body, but, of course, it's more than that.

Argh. Thanks for writing this, Matter.

KipEsquire said...

Very very foul moods are always excused where George W. Bush, or politicians in general, are involved.