Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pretty Pictures Part II

Scott and I only live about two miles from downtown Seattle, but we very rarely go there - too crowded during the holidays, too difficult (or expensive) to park, too full of tourists in the nice months. But since we're on vacation this week, we decided to be tourists and head down to Pike Place Market and the waterfront this afternoon. We didn't actually get any pictures from the market, which is really my fault - I hate being in big crowds, trying to push past the tourists and families around the fishmongers and produce stands and flower growers, and kicking those damn double-strollers out of my way. I'm surprised Scott takes me out in public at all, but thankfully he does, since somehow I always end up enjoying myself (only admitted at the end of the excursion, of course).

But we did get some pictures from the waterfront, at least ...

From the end of the market (where the outdoor vendors are, across the street from Victor Steinbrueck Park, filled mostly with homeless people passed out from some concoction or other), looking towards Elliot Bay and Harbor Island (the Port of Seattle area with the ginormous orange cranes):

Down by the waterfront, looking back up at the back of part of the market:

Scott looking for fish of any kind in the bay (we only saw a dead seagull and a traffic pylon) - we should have taken a picture of the fancy self-cleaning public toilets that we had just passed, but oh well:

We were right by the Seattle Aquarium at Pier 59:

The Viaduct. This is a pretty major highway running along the waterfront, pretty much dividing downtown from the actual waterfront. A huge eyesore, and pretty much ready to topple over in the next earthquake. It's a HUGE issue in Seattle, with one side wanting to replace it with a tunnel to open up the waterfront and view, and the other side saying that would be too expensive and we should just repair the thing so it would kill a smaller number of people in the next (inevitable) earthquake. Gee, guess which side I'm on:

Looking towards the uber-expensive condo developments overlooking Elliot Bay:

Condos AND the viaduct - and the top of the Space Needle peeking up between building in the center of the picture:

Yes, more condos ... please, come join the crowds in Belltown!! No grocery stores, no schools, but you can pay BIG BUCKS for the privilege - and there are restaurants and bars on every corner!!! You can be a HIPSTER!!! (Me, sarcastic?):

Yes, THIS is real Seattle. A ferry heading to Bainbridge Island (or Bremerton), other various boats nearby, and the hills all around Puget Sound in the background:

Looking toward West Seattle and Alki Beach:

Heading back up the steps behind the market to the car ... look at the pretty azaleas:

Home now. There's the excitement for the day.


CondoBlogger said...

Thanks for posting the Seattle Shots! So Cool to see some of those sights again! I TOTALLY KNOW exactly where that stairway with the azaleas is, and I have (more than once) "partied" under the viaduct before concerts at the (now imploded) King Dome. I believe it should come down... but a tunnel that close to the Sound... that almost makes me more nervous that the existing structure.

p.s. I am with you on the freaking double strollers! Drives me insane when someone brings one of those things to a PACKED event or area.

LSL said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I just LOVE Seattle and I recognize every one of these places. I hate crowds, too, but I always feel peaceful and alone in those crowds. And the water is the most beautiful in the world.

I've never lived in Seattle, but growing up in Central WA, we used to visit relatives there a couple times each year. I don't know why, but it feels like home to me more than almost any other place, maybe even more than Portland. Loved these pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize those trees! Only because we have the same ones here in Vancouver hehehe.

Just clicking "next blog" and and dropping comments on those I thought were pretty cool.

Take care!

Lewis said...

Loved the photo tour....but I'm with you....can't stand being in public, crowds, children, strollers, noise.....ICK!

Michael said...

Love, love, love Seattle! Great city--you're lucky to live there. ;-)

john said...

I find it humorous that people who live in cities that are laiden with touristy sites, rarely if ever take in those sites.

jo said...

OK, when I come visit, forget the city. Take me to the mountains or the water, or just hand me a drink and I'll be happy in your back yard! LOL! But thanks for the tour.

Paul said...

Looks like the boys had a great day just hanging out!

dbv said...

i walked on the viaduct for the st. paddy's day walk this year... it's a pretty view but you're right, it's an eyesore... i was in san fran in 89 when the quake took out the embarcadero one!!! much better views now...