Monday, September 21, 2009

Referendum 71.

Last May, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law an expansion of domestic partnership rights that gave same-sex couples and others very close to equal rights regarding "traditional" same-sex married couples.

This has been challenged, and those who oppose this have petitioned and gathered enough signatures to have this put to a vote this fall. While the methods by which they gathered the required number of signatures are dubious at best, this is the law and it now goes to the popular vote.

I encourage everyone to look at both the link above to those who oppose these rights, and to the link to those who are in favor of them.

If you live - and vote - in Washington State, be advised that voting for this referendum means voting for equal rights as domestic partnerships. If you vote against this referendum, you are voting to overturn equal rights for domestic partnerships - and not just same-sex partnerships.

Think carefully. Just think. Try to put yourself in the mind of those who disagree with you - no matter which side you are currently on. Educate yourself. Hear - and listen - to both sides. Decide what you think is really, truly right. Logically, truly, really right.

If you don't live in Washington State, talk to people you know who do. If you don't know anyone who lives here, talk to people you know anyway. Have discussions, dialogue, conversations - not flag-waving, sign-toting, anger-filled deaf-eared protests (from both sides) ... honest dialogue. Listen to each other.

I'm asking a lot.

Just think. Please.


john said...

If I could vote there, I don't think there would really be anything to think about...why is this even an issue?
This is a right that every couple should be entitled to.

Will said...

There is an attempt to reverse gay marriage here in New Hampshire (first legal marriages to take place as of January 1) but I don't think it will happen. We're all worried about Maine, which could go either way, although I think polls now favor defeating the challenge.

Fingers are crossed for you all out there!