Sunday, September 20, 2009


There's still another day left of summer, but let's face it - it's fall. It feels, smells, looks different ... the light is lower and even though the sky is blue, it's paler than before. It's kinda like everything was taken with a Polaroid camera.

I'm not totally complaining. As much as I love summer, I couldn't live without the seasons changing.

Now if only we could have spring start in full force on January 1 - I'd be happy.

Anyway - here's today's Matterday (and Scooterday):

Trees turning prematurely red and orange. (I just got my hair cut - I know the feeling. Umm, except with grey).

Christmas decorations at Lowe's. On September 21. I believe the elegant phrase "WTF?" applies here.

I didn't realize that Tin Tin had a laundromat in the Rainier Valley/Columbia City area.

Pioneer Square, near where my office used to be. Smith Tower (with the pyramid-shaped top) used to be the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. If you look right in the middle, straight up Second Avenue, you'll see the Space Needle.

Heading up First Avenue.

The Seattle Central Library downtown. Rem Koolhaas was one of the principle designers. I've only been inside briefly, and didn't get a chance to explore much. I think it's a very cool building and would love to see more. Oh, and I totally miss working near downtown.

Back home. The impatiens and lantana at the bottom of the steps to the backyard.

Japanese barberry. I love the color, and it will turn bright red in the next month or two. And it has very sharp thorns.

One of our banana trees. No fruit, and it dies back to the ground every year, but very cool. (It's about eight feet tall).

Sunflowers that grew after Scott threw some seeds into the garden (that were mixed in with birdseed). These are perfect sunflowers, I think. Not too tall or demanding - just purty.

Bougainvillea in a basket. Go child go.

We have a plethora of garden spiders currently subleasing space in our yard. This is Sidney.

Blue lace cap hydrangeas.

I love hydrangeas when they fade - they're supposed to make great dried flowers, although I've never been into that. Maybe we'll try it this year.

And another.

A Japanese maple starting to turn colors.

I could never grow miniature roses indoors, like I wanted to. But stick them in the ground outside and ignore them, and they do great.

Japanese blood grass - or, something close to it. It doesn't turn as red, but it's a very cool ornamental grass.

More fading hydrangeas.

Blurry Buddha on the edge of the pond.

These poor old wooden chairs have seen better days. Seems like a perfect end-of-summer picture, though.

The end of summer means we get to see our statues again. This one is still being a bit shy.

Hope you enjoyed our day and the garden tour. Dinner's in about an hour - go wash up and I'll pour you a glass of wine.


Daniel said...

I was in Pioneer Square yesterday! I'm on a small vacation this week and I'm visiting Seattle and Portland with a small excursion down the Oregon coast. It was a beautiful day yesterday and I'm looking forward to a few more this week.

As always, great pics!

LSL said...

I love, love, love impatiens. You have gorgeous flowers. And one UGLY spider! Ew!

Will said...

We have friends who live on the slopes of lake Union--great guys we need to visit again soon. last trip they took us to the Library and it is, indeed, a superb building. Serious and playful and imaginative and very handsome all at once--a delight to be in.

Next time we're in Seattle, it would be great to meet you and Scott.

Our fall here in New Hampshire is on he same track as yours but with more color (the swamp maples are in splendid reds and oranges now) and more gray (me).

larry said...

very nice matt!!!the flowers are beautiful...

john said...

I always love the matterpics!!