Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Life in the Central District.

From our neighborhood police scanner blog:

10:34AM - E Olive Way & E. Denny Way - Welfare Check - Man with an unleashed dog is walking in and out of traffic. He's a white male early 20s, 6' tall, with flowers in his hair, and hitting himself with a rope.

Welcome to my world.


Anonymous said...

Gotcha beat, just saw a possible cougar sighting at 99 & Linden. Two blocks from our house! Do we live in Greenlake or Sammamish?

LSL said...

Why were you hitting yourself with a rope?

Sizzle said...

It's all very biblical it seems. I feel bad for the dog!

Will said...

emeraldcityguy, what's so remarkable about seeing a mature woman with a hot young guy? :-)

Matt, a self-flagellating retro hippy under some pharmaceutical influence?