Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators

As usual, at the taping of Says You on New Year's Eve, there was a local, original musical group playing before the show, at intermission, and during the "time outs" on the show. We were treated, from the third row, to Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators. Stunning, fun, and just not enough of them. They play 1920's-early 30's jazz, with period costumes, and are fun as heck. Miss Rose plays her vintage ukelele while singing old standards like "Button Up Your Overcoat" and "'Deed I Do", the trumpet and piano players are in fedoras and tie clips, and the bass player swings her hips in her flapper dress and bobbed 'do while plucking away. I swear I was thinking of "Some Like It Hot" and waiting for a flask to drop out of Miss Rose's garter. :)

She was, by the way, wearing seamed stockings and as we learned, a real live garter belt. That's the spirit, Miss Rose! We're going to follow them around like lemmings. Fun fun fun.


Sizzle said...

This is timely because I think we might end up doing a Speakeasy kind of party and they could be a good lead for a band. Thanks!

john said...

It sounds like it was a lot of fun.