Monday, January 26, 2009

MatterBulletPoints - Redux

I posted a version of this yesterday, and then Lewis left a comment that made me realize how whiny and depressing it was - so I took it down. Thanks to LSL, I thought about how the blogs I read are truly to see what's going on in other bloggers' lives whom I've become friends with - and if all I really have to write at the moment is a whiny-oh-woe-is-me post, then so be it. No one's feet are being held to the fire to read this, or to come back. So there.

So life these days ...
  • Work is work is stress. I have so many deadlines to meet this week and there's no way in hell I'm going to meet them all. I'm still trying to make a team work with one less person, and basically I'm absorbing the big projects that void leaves. Still, I don't feel like I'm getting anything accomplished to the extent that I can't be laid off ... ugh.
  • I mentioned that our stove broke down. Ends up it's the "motherboard" (I still don't know what to really call it) - which needs to be ordered - which will finally be fixed on February 5 about $480 later. It better make some damn good dinners after all that.
  • I've been fighting off a cold for over a week, which hit me on Saturday. I spent most of Sunday napping and feeling crappy, went to bed at 8:00 last night, and feel now that I'm home from work. My throat and right ear are killing me. I can't find the right drugs to feel better.
  • Good thing - Scott's computer as back in the land of the living, including a new free external hard drive and extra RAM from Dell because they, well, fucked up. Scott gave me an old external hard drive, and now we're both faithfully backing up our irreplaceables.
  • While cleaning out junk that had fallen behind my computer and filing cabinet to install the new hard drive, I found a watch (battery still working!), my beloved Human Rights Campaign cap, and the Eeyore PEZ dispenser Scott gave me for my last birthday. And the drawings an architect friend of ours did of our house's floorplan, to facilitate the remodel that we desperately want to do one of these days.

Thus endeth the whining.


A Lewis said...

Hey M, I didn't mean tomake you feel badly enough to pull down your post...seriously, it's just me trying to be my qusai-funny guy. And I've failed at it miserably many times. I apologize, profusely.

A Lewis said...

Okay, so now I feel even worse than I did three minutes ago when I commented. Ugh. LSL is absolutely right's your blog and you can write whatever the heck you want. Man oh man, I need to get a handle on saying the right things to people. Sleep well tonight....

jo said...

Honey, I have been told by a reader that I come across as extremely miserable. Whine away! Your non-whiney posts far outweigh the little whining that you do. Besides, worrying about layoffs will make anyone whiney. And worry and stress is going to cause you to get ill, so make sure you and Scott take some time for yourselves away from the stress of the world. And know that I love you, not that it would ever help with your stove problem. I don't even cook. LOL! But honey, you are in my thoughts often, and I do wish the very best for you. And I can still pray for you. Wish you were close enough for a hug. And we'd laugh. Yep. If we were together we'd find a lot to laugh about. Hang in there, dear cuz!

Anonymous said...

"Whiny" posts are more real than some of the "everything-is-so-perfect-in-my-life-don't-you-wish-you-were-me" ones that are out there.

BTW, isn't that motherboard about the same as a whole new stove?

LSL said...

Aw, Lewis is funny. He doesn't need to feel bad. I just love whining, bitching, complaining . . . anything at all as long as it's real. And sometimes, this kind of thing is VERY real. Big hugs to you!

john said...

I hope the cold goes away!!
An Eyeore pez dispenser? I love pez dispensers!!

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

Whiny is fine with me. It's a part of me, although I like a little more acid then call it "bitching" which is truly an art, thus completely acceptable on all mediums.

That must be one HELL of a stove for the repair to be $480!

Work is work is stress. That line hits home with me. I'm a CPA myself, and I quit my job a month ago. The stress was beyond comprehension, and when you are short a person, it's enough to wear down your defenses. I know I was getting sick quite a bit until I finally ended it.

Love the witch hazel. It's a tad chilly in Iowa for anything to bloom with a high temp of 5°!