Monday, August 11, 2008

Where the Hell is Matterdays?

I know I haven't posted anything substantial lately ... so just a brief update to what's been going on, if anyone's interested:
  • I have to replace someone on my team - she's moving back to her hometown of San Diego due to personal reasons. She's going to be hard to replace - great attitude and personality, willing to take on anything, very intelligent. We're gonna miss her a lot. She let me know over a month ago, so we've been looking for a good candidate ever since.
  • The hiring process has not been going smoothly. We had over 60 responses to our ad - and that was whittled down to seven possibilities. After initial phone screens, that was whittled down to four. Two of those were a pretty immediate "NO" (one we think would end up going postal, one complained that in her current job she had to work with old people - including "two thirty-year-old guys" - THAT went over well with me - her potential BOSS. Oh, and when we asked her what was some area where she needed to improve, she said that she tends to work too fast and isn't very accurate. Umm, this is an accounting position, princess ...) One seemed incredible, but after her reference checks I'd be taking a big risk in hiring her. And then there was one.
  • I'm making an offer to the "one" tomorrow. I'm very excited.
  • Scott and I ran errands on Saturday. I DESPERATELY need some new work clothes. At the last minute I realized I'm shorter on cash than I thought. Have to wait until next weekend. Then I opened the utility bills. Ugh. Maybe I can wait another paycheck or two ...
  • We came home and it was POURING rain. I haven't seen rain like that since last winter. Like, monsoon rain. One second outside and you're clothes are soaked through to the skin. We needed it, though. And (I can't believe I'm saying this), it made me miss fall and winter. Something about lighting candles in the house and making comfort foods.
  • I made a HUGE mistake in checking my work e-mail from home tonight. Something nasty has hit the fan that I THOUGHT was nipped in the bud oh, six months ago. It deals with an East Coast office who thinks they deserve everything on a silver platter whenever they snap their self-important fingers. It now involves our CFO, who wants to meet with me and the rest of our accounting managers tomorrow. I'm gonna fight this one to the death, but I have NEVER left a "fight to the death" meeting with her without feeling as big as an ant. One fried under a magnifying glass held by an evil, sadistic child.
  • My last set of contact lenses are gone - one ended up with a tear in it. I've been wearing my glasses every day for a month. Which means I can't wear my sunglasses. And as much as I love my glasses, I look like a geek when I wear them constantly. Bleah. I need to set aside the time (and money) to get to the eye doctor.
  • I'm hungry. I want to go out somewhere and have someone wait on me.
  • It's pretty out. I think I'll go outside and take some pictures.


Sizzle said...

It IS pretty out, isn't it? The Fella is bringing Indian food over. I feel satisfied with this arrangement. ;-)

I have to wear my glasses all the time meaning no sunglasses for me. When did I get so blind and old? Waaah!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

We care what you are up to Matt!

Hmmm, sounds like you are not having a good time at work, can I say something like try not to let it stress you, even though I know that is easier said than done.

Geek is in! XD Haha!

jo said...

Ooo, I knew I should have been calling you about my work problems! LOL! I feel your pain! But you're much higher up than I. Good luck with all of that!

And that sadistic child would have been your cousin, my dear little brother David. I clearly remember him and bugs and a magnifying glass when he was a kid.

And you KNOW I'd love to have you move back to Chicago....