Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Night Out 2008

Tonight was National Night Out, where neighbors get out and reconnect with each other and meet neighbors that they don't know and become more unified in the fight against violence and crime. This is more important in some neighborhoods than in others ... in our neighborhood, it's increasingly more important each day. Some days we're lucky to not get shot at.

I wish I had more pictures ... we talked and hugged with long-time friends/neighbors, met many new ones, and enjoyed just having a night out with everyone. We turned on our sprinklers so the kids could run through them (it was almost 90 degrees today - yeesh!), had a tres cool potluck, had a tall-ladder fire truck come by (a neighbor is a fireman) ... it was just a great way to talk with people we usually just wave at on our way to and from work.

Setting up - this year it was right in front of our house.

Greetin' and eatin'.

I thought the fire truck was for the kids ... but I believe Errett was trying to prove something. You could not pay Matterdays enough to perform such foolishness.

Did anyone else do something for Night Out?


Brandon said...

Edmonds (where I just moved to) had their Night Out last week. I'm not sure why, but that's when they did it. Maybe next year we'll try to put together something for our block on the real National Night Out.

By the way, Sizzlesays sent me over here when I asked her about Seattle bloggers I should be reading.

Anonymous said...

Stayed in, closed the drapes, and ignored my neighbors.

Hey, its what we do in Florida.

somewhere joe said...

I didn't get the flyer. I need to get out more.

Paul said...

Me, too. (What flyer? Was it intentional that my neighbors excluded me?)

Lewis said...

I totally spaced National Night Out. Damn. there were concerts in the parks that we wanted to go to! Crap.

Scooter said...

My favorite part of the annual Block Party is watching our neighbors' children grow up. One of our neighbors has a little boy who had very risky cancer and has survived. Every year we watch him and smile and count ourselves lucky that his laughter fills our hearts. We may live in a funky neighborHOOD, but we have AWESOME neighbors.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

What a great idea. Coming from the country, I find it odd the way people in the city can live beside each other for years and never know their neighbor's name. Most say they want it that way, however they get angry when their home is broken into and no one paid attention.

Anonymous said...

It's an idea that I wish more neighborhoods would partake in. Particularly with the way homes are being designed lately. Particularly when attention is given to the car and garages are plopped on the front of the house, not leaving much room for front porches where you can have "eyes" on the street and conversation with neighbors. Glad you had a good time.