Friday, August 15, 2008


A few tidbits about MatterLife:
  • I made an offer to our best candidate for our open position. She accepted on the spot. Matterdays happy.
  • It's an internal hire, which involves a lot of tact. She won't be available full-time until well after the position is vacant, although she's trying to make herself available for some training in the interim.
  • This is good, because she has NO accounting experience. It would take an entire post to explain why she still seems to be the perfect person for the job.
  • Our firm has to start producing full-fledged quarterly financial statements, which we haven't done in years, since we are a privately-held company. This is going to be hectic. Basically, fiscal year-end four times a year. Ugh. I wish I was paid overtime.
  • Seattle's electrical company almost blacked-out the entire downtown area today. Three of the six main transformers were shut down for maintenace. Two others went out during that time. We had to shut down all unnessary electrical equipment. Apparently everything was being drastically drained due to the record-breaking heat we're having. Why did the city shut down half of it's downtown-core transformers during record-breaking heat???? Way too used to temperate weather here, we are.
  • Scott is closing tonight. I'm very hungry. I don't cook for just myself. I'm very hungry. Did I say I'm very hungry?
  • Our record-breaking heat meant about 92 degrees today. Being from Chicago, I scoff at this. Still, I'm sticking to my chair as I type this, and I'm a tad uncomfortable. 13 years in Seattle has adapted me to the weather-wimpiness that is the Pacific Northwest. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I'm thinking of throwing some boxer-briefs in the freezer tonight.

And how are y'all???


Kelly said...

I am drunk and an Uncle now... woo hoo!!! Happy Weekend and cut me off... tee hee

LSL said...

I love your updates! And it's great to hear about a manager who hires someone without the hard skills needed for the job . . . I'm guessing she had the other stuff, the stuff you can't teach, and you decided you could handle the rest.
Great update, Matter!

Scott said...

I like your updates.

Is it wrong to request pics of the frozen boxers after you put them on? Hey, I'm just askin'...

Palm Springs Savant said...

Boxers in the freezer-good one!