Monday, March 10, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Some more pictures from our Sunday gardening excursion with my new toy:

Forsythia cuttings in the living room:

Some bulbs and seeds we got at the garden show:

Our Japanese quince getting ready to bloom:

Spirea - I love the color of the new leaves ... beautiful in the fall, too:

Mexican Orange, artemesia (the grey plant), and red-twigged dogwood:

Some helebores (Lenten Rose):

Matterdays is a dirty boy:


Jason said...

It's nice to see you're a Mr. Greenthumb.

Nothing wrong with getting a little dirty now and then ;)

I miss having a garden. Someday I'll have a backyard full of wildflowers.

somewhere joe said...

Matt is a naughty, dirty, boy.

When I lived up north, the seed and bulb catalogs would arrive in the middle of winter. I'd spend hours and hours poring over them next to snowy windows over steaming cups of coffee. Imagining the garden glory to come. Your world cracking a botanical smile.

Michael said...

Wow! You've been busy with your new camera. Great shots. I can hardly wait for 12 or 12!

Michael said...

Notice I didn't touch the "dirty boy" comment. ;-)

Lewis said...

I was just now out in the backyard with Mason and staring at the neighbor's beautiful flowering forsythia. Thinking how pretty it was, so early in the blooming season, on such a nice morning. And now, your picture! Thanks for sharing you naughty, dirty boy.

cousin jo said...

OK, when I'm ready for a retreat, I'm coming to your house! I love forsythia and iris! And the pond!

RYC: I'm terribly jealous that your sweetie does that for you! It just makes me like him more.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I love Spirea, they really are so pretty