Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blah. Blah, Blah, Blah.

I'm cranky. I've been working 60 hour weeks - which many of you may be used to, but not me. Yesterday I ended up taking two naps because I'm absolutely exhausted - and then working for a few hours later in the day. Blah. The biggest part of my contribution to our fiscal year-end at work is done, so I'm hoping to ease back into a regular schedule and some semblance of a life.

I feel like I'm behind on everything that doesn't have to do with work (well, that too). I owe Chris a meme post (it was harder than I thought!). Scott keeps trying to add new things to his collection of iPod accessories, thinking I won't notice in my foggy state of mind. The house isn't very clean ... I think the piles of clothes in the Pink Room (I'll explain that some other time) are supposed to be washed. Our kids only vaguely remember me as someone related to feeding them. I hate feeling this way, that there are so many things I'm not getting done. It overwhelms me - and then I don't get ANYTHING done.

This afternoon we're heading up to our friends' house in Snohomish for a belated "Easter" brunch. I need to force myself to get some laundry and cleaning done before then. I'll post some pictures later; I'm hoping getting together with some friends will help energize me.


jo said...

Poor cuz. I do hope the time with friends is enough to perk you up a bit. ((((hugs)))) I love you!

Lewis said...

But, hey, at least you're bringing in the BIG BUCKS, right? Sending you lots of good thoughts and energy and all of that crap. Hugs.

john said...

Get some rest buddy!

Scott said...

A guy can never have too many ipod accessories.

Take a vacation. I know the perfect place.