Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12 of 12

Thanks, Chad for the 12 of 12 phenomenon.

My September 12 of 12 is definitively lame. I don't like it when it lands on a workday. Deal, kids.

These pictures were all taken on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Matterdays (in a SO flattering picture) about to leave for work.

The garden/pond from the deck. Overgrown, eh? Must be the end of summer.

Hunter, The Amazingly Affectionate Cat With Opposable Thumbs, being shy as I came back inside the house.

Cat litter that I bought last Sunday, still in the front hall. Oh, yeah. I need to clean out their litter boxes.

On the way to work. Change, light, change!!!

I HATE our parking garage at work. The spaces are about 16" wide. Joe got dinged last week - you can't really see it here, but there is a small scratch and three small dents in the rear driver's side door. And he was so beautiful until now!!!!

No pictures from my workday. Trust me, kids you wouldn't want to see them!!!! It was ugly. Waiting in line to leave the garage ... they changed the price for daily parking from $8 to $12!!!!!!!! That's a 50% increase with no warning!!!! Grrrrrr. Now I need to explain that to the person I hired, who starts on Monday. Matterdays = not happy.

The corner near our house. The building that used to be here was heavily damaged in the Nisqually Earthquake in 2001. They finally tore down the eyesore that was there, and there is a plan to put in a mixed-use building here soon. But it's oh-so-pretty right now, eh?

An Andrew Lloyd Webber musical was being staged in our house when I got home.

Catz grooming each other. This is a rare treat, seeing them being affectionate towards each other. They're buddies, they just won't admit it.

My standard 12 0f 12 post - the pond from the upstairs balcony. Definitely bridging on fall.

Working on my 12 of 12 post. Damn - I forgot to eat dinner. I hate it when Scott closes and we can't eat together. My Thursday mornings always start with my stomach grumbling.

My bonus pic - "Unexpected". I almost used the snuggling catz picture for this, but this picture was better. It's not that you DON'T see this kind of outfit everyday in our neighborhood, but it still stuck out to me. Normally you see this kind of outfit on the men.

Happy 12 of 12!!!!!!!!!


Linda said...

That outfit is something else!

Great pics - love the cats. :)

Sorted Lives said...

Very nice. I have seen this and think, "I'll have to remember to do this." Unfortunately, I remember on the 13th when people have the post up. Ugghhh!!

Great self pic!

Poun said...

Great pics !
Cat With Opposable Thumbs--> wow!!!
and gorgeous garden!^^

Scott said...

I HATE it when Jettas get dinged!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! :)

Lewis said...

Can you imagine if you did "30 of 30" at the end of each month? You'd be busy, busy, busy!

Steven said...

Love the pictures. The shower curtain is so butch. And a full-length mirror can be scary first thing in the morning. To me it seems odd to have to "pay" to go to work (parking garage fees).

CondoBlogger said...

Oh crap...

YOUR pics are awesome as usual! Mine are non existant. Totally forgot.


h a i k u g i r l said...

Your garden is awesome! I love it!

Paul said...

Love the update. I just hope that you're not paying daily rates.

Tom said...

Who's the Arm and Hammer litter working? That is, when you put it in the box.

Scooter said...

Hey, I know these catz, this garden, even the box of cat litter! Matt is that you???

Claudia said...

LOL I think Scott misses you all.

One of these day's I should attemt to do one of these 12 of 12 , great picts!

john said...

Have a good weekend!
You named your car Joe?

Palm Springs Savant said...

love your pond...its really nice. cute kitties btw!