Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I wasn't going to do a September 11 post. There are SO many out there.

I'm not going to recount my day six years ago. We were all there, somehow. We all have our memories. None of us will forget it.

Yeah, I've got strong feelings on how we as a nation have destroyed the good will we received at the time. But I'm not going to go there. We all have our opinions.

I collected a few pictures from news sites all over the world in the days following 9-11. The pictures portray more than I could ever write.

These are pictures from websites all over the world, from our office in Seattle, from our Manhattan office ... they just all touch me.


Steven said...

It's a sense of innocence lost. Much of what you have stated is why my post was so short and only let the pictures do the talking. Thanks for sharing photos I have never seen; particularly those taken in other countries.

Sorted Lives said...

You stated you weren't going to do a 9/11 post... I am glad you did. Such a sad time in our history.

Michael said...

What beautiful photos. Thanks for making me all verklempt at work!

john said...

Those are beautiful pictures that captures the moments and some of those affected by the tragedy.

Scott said...

Nice post, Matt. I don't think there is any other event in my life that has had the same effect on me that 9/11 did. Just standing at the temporary memorial at ground zero last fall got me a little choked up.