Friday, July 20, 2007

Where's Matt?

Maybe I'll make some videos like the more famous Matt ...

So I'm going on a trip Sunday.

I'll be travelling the majority of the day.

My buddy Linda Lou is picking me up at the airport that night, and we'll be touring around some cool neighborhoods near my hotel, and eating huge burgers (my oh my god favorite) at Thurman's Cafe.

I'll be livin' large in the country's 32nd largest metropolitan area.

I'll be near a Big Ten university.

I'll be toolin' around neighborhoods such as the Short North and German Village.

Where am I going?


Michael said...

Columbus, Ohio!!! What do I win?

Matt said...

You know Michael, I was GOING to stretch this out through tomorrow and Sunday morning, but you just ruined it all. Thanks.

Totally kidding. :) Yes, you win. I hadn't had a chance to think of prizes yet, so you get to decide.

Scott said...

Be sure and wave as you fly over us in Iowa!

Michael said...

Hey Matt, sorry I didn't mean to spoil the fun, and just knowing I guessed first is reward enough for me. By the way, you can email me at'm not sure why the link isn't in my profile anymore, but I fixed it. :-)