Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pretty Pictures

Okay, that last post was icky.

Pretty pictures, anyone?

The door upstairs to our deck opens outward, so we don't have a screen "door". But it gets hot up there, so we made one from screen and velcro a few years ago. It needed to be replaced, so we bought a pre-made screen that's pretty much the same thing we had made. I pulled off the old velcro tape this afternoon ... who knew the trim around that doorway was once pink???

The color du jour in our garden seems to be orange right now ...

... although the white shasta daisies and calla lilies are in bloom (next to our pink lawn ornament - it has flamingoes wearing gold hoop earrings and fruit-basket hats - we saw it in Hawaii last year and couldn't pass it up ... )

Kali lounging in the yard - she's DEFINITELY the biggest of the three dogs now ...

Some nicotiana by the back deck (the pink and white flowers) - very fragrant at night.

Scott LOVES him some Pamela Stanley (best known for some disco hits in the early '80's) - he's e-mailed her and started up a friendship! She recently sent him an autographed copy of her latest CD. Scott happy.

Isn't he adorable???

We'll try to get some more pictures of our Fourth of July later on. Scott was working today but came home early, so we'll have our cookout and maybe a few fireworks in the backyard. We don't like heading downtown to the big firework shows (well, I don't - too many people, and who wants to deal with all that traffic???). But it's a gorgeous, sunny, 85 degree day here in Seattle, so we'll go enjoy the yard and the dogs and maybe cook some ribs later on.

Happy Fourth!


john said...

Happy Fourth!

Lewis said...

Isn't this weather absolutely fantastic? I'm so glad you had a nice holiday and, as always, I love the yard pics. We had a blast, no pun intended, yesterday. The post tells all.

Paul said...

Flowers, puppies, smiles, music ... what else could you ask for?

I think you've got it.

CondoBlogger said...

Great shots! Glad you two had a beautiful 4th!