Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12 of 12

12 of 12 always sneaks up on me ... but at least I remembered before this morning!
About 7:00, getting ready to iron my clothes:

Driving to work ... I know Seattle is known for leaning to the left, but here I'm told to veer right:

Heading down Boren Avenue toward the South Lake Union neighborhood ... driving by the Four Columns Park on lower Capitol Hill:

The building in the middle (with the green-patinaed copper roof) is the (fairly) new Federal Courthouse in Seattle - designed by the firm I work for. Did I mention I work for a globally-reknowned architectural firm?

Passing by the Re-Bar, where we've watched the dazzling renditions of Miss Dina Martina many times:

Pulling into the parking garage at work:

Walking up to My Floor:

The view from a common area of the third floor. The rooftop garden you see is only accessible from our firm (there are many firms in the building). Unfortunately it was a bit hazy, so you can't see the Olympic Mountains behind the Space Needle:

I didn't take any pictures inside my building; we have a lot of confidential clients, and I'd be breaking some contract agreements if I posted pictures that included project displays. So - now I'm on my way home. I worked briefly for the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and drive past it on my way home. What an incredible agency, filled with tireless people trying to not only prevent the spread of AIDS through education and outreach to many communities, but also to help and advocate for those who are living with HIV. I was incredibly humbled to even work in this building:

This is who I get to come home to every day. Cute, ain't he:

I know our 12 of 12 posts are supposed to include the blogger in some form - here's me TRYING to take a picture of Kali the Amazingly Large and Resilient Puppy, but mostly geting my pants and shoes:

I wrote about how our baby Kitty had gotten so sick - well, she's doing much better. Back on her regular diet, happy and prancing, not totally energetic but not bad for an 11-year-old dog, and so much better than a few weeks ago (and yes, I know how much damage the puppy has inflicted on the deck and the back door):

The Bonus Picture:

This month the bonus word was "Hot". This would have been much easier yesterday, when it was 98 degrees in Seattle (VERY rare) and the city - and, more importantly, our house - was an oven. But, it only got up to about 82 degrees today - still warm by Seattle standards - so I had to take a picture of something other than just the thermometer.

Kali had some residual panting going on - and I'm not in a creative mood - so here is Kali feeling hot (and don't you forget it):

Happy 12 of 12!!!


Scooter said...

Oh my God! I live in Seattle, too! Wait, I know those dogs! I know the guy in the blue shirt...Matt, is that you?

Matt said...

Scott???? You're kidding me!!! I had no idea you were here!!!

(Oh, by the way - I'm in love with this guy).

Anonymous said...

Awww, the dog's SOOO pretty! :) Great pics!!

john said...

Hi!! You know how to iron? It's a skill that still baffles me!

Paul said...

I wish you'd come live with me. I'm still paying $1.80 a day to wear a shirt to work that's just come back from the cleaners. I could take up a lot of other vices cheaper that that!

CondoBlogger said...

I gave up ironing when I discovered that the dry cleaner will do it for me.

I'm so jealous of your job... even the building you WORK in looks cool!

Zippy said...

Happy pups!

You two are so cute.


Scott said...

Matt, I think you and that Scooter guy should hook up.

ChadDarnell said...

Great pics! I love that pic of your shoes. No one ever wants to do pics of themselves and that was how it started!

Thanks for doing it.


Dogeared said...

Nice photos! Good weather, cute pups - and you know how to iron! Good job someone snapped you up, with that skill ;-)

I'm posting my 12 of 12 tonight - very late!

Helen, Devon (

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

love the driving pics on your 12 of 12. I will have to remember that for next time! I am also quite envious of your Seattle day...