Friday, June 13, 2008

A Week's Worth of Dinners - Wednesday

I skipped Wednesday's dinner because of 12 of 12 - so without further ado, I present:

Ginger Teriyaki Grilled Ribs!

Marinating the baby back ribs.

Cutting up the potatoes to roast.

Ready to shuck and boil the corn.

Hey - I'm taking B12 these days!


Dinner's on the table. We eat in front of the TV most nights. We usually just watch a DVD.

Scott likes corn. Stoli likes any human food that falls on the floor.

Y'all know that Thursday dinner was just me and some leftover lasagna. Today is Friday - Scott just came home from grocery shopping, but I think he was hinting at steak burritos ...


Lewis said...

It's clear to see that the B12 is working wonders.

LSL said...

It's so fun to see these. I love the daily posts, and I LOVE the B12 pics! :)

Jason said...

I'm really liking these dinner segments.

Scott looks like he's all about that corn! Oh, and did Freddy Krueger get a hold of that cutting board??