Saturday, June 07, 2008

Galloping Gertie

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, a cable suspension bridge crossing the Narrows - a section of Puget Sound between the cities of Tacoma and Gig Harbor, Washington - was originally opened in 1940. It was famous immediately for the way it swayed and rolled in windy conditions, and became known locally as "Galloping Gertie". The bridge broke apart and collapsed into the Narrows on November 7, 1940 - four months after it opened. Film footage of its' collapse became famous, and to this day is used to explain laws of physics to students everywhere.

The bridge was rebuilt, and in 2007 a parallel bridge was opened next to it to ease the traffic congestion in the sprawling area.

Today, Scott and I crossed the bridge from Tacoma to Gig Harbor - the first time I have crossed it since the parallel bridge was opened. Unfortunately, no one has yet comepletely figured out how to stop the swaying motion when the wind picks up through the Narrows.


jo said...

You will NEVER get me on that bridge!!! LOL!

LSL said...

(Jo's comment is hilarious :) )
I just went over that bridge for the first (and second) time last week. It's really beautiful . . . I had no idea of it's history or nickname!
I love your picture and vid posts!