Thursday, June 05, 2008

Attention: Anyone NOT in the choir.

I've read a few similar posts about this (thanks, Pam) - the idea that since one is a Hillary Clinton supporter, and the fact that now Barack Obama has won the Democratic Party's nomination, then one will vote for McCain, over their dead cold body, rather than Obama. Or - will ONLY vote for Obama if Clinton is his running mate.

I'll try to put this delicately, as well as I can in my current state of mind.


Seriously. What direction do you really want this country to head towards?

Economic disaster? War mongering? Civil rights that return us to the Stone Age? Unlimited power to the priveleged? The most hated big bad-ass bully on the planet? More of the same ol', same ol', SAME OL'???? The rich, white, old, conservative, oil-industry-fed, "You're either with us or against us", "Bring it on!", "If-you'd-have-gone-to-college-and-made-something-of-yourself-and-invested-wisely-you-wouldn't-be-poor" mentality that has made a mockery of what this country is supposed to stand for? Is that what makes you proud to be an American??

What was your life, your country, your future like eight years ago? What did you hope for? What did you think was possible?

What are your answers to those questions now?

Do you honestly, truly, in the deepest part of your heart (and even better, if you truly posess it and are capable of using it, in your logical, rational mind) think that we're on the right track to produce the kind of world and country and culture and society that you really, really want to be a part of?

Who do you think you're gonna "show who's boss" by voting for McCain? What are you actually going to accomplish???

Think about that. A little more. AGAIN. What are you actually going to accomplish?????????

I know what I'm writing is divisinve, to a large extent. But how can anyone be a staunch supporter of Clinton (as I was), believe so heartily in her stance, her position, her beliefs, and HONESTLY think that McCain more truly and honestly holds her same views and vision and future than Mr. Obama??

It completely boggles my mind. I don't see the logic, the rationale, the reality, the anything behind that train of "thought".

*heavy frustrated unbridled SIGH*

Help me understand this. If you're one of those who decided, at whatever point in time, that Ms. Clinton was the best choice, but that McCain will be better than Obama, please PLEASE tell me why. What political/economic/world-affecting/equality-inducing/civil rights/personal life-affecting issues made you decide that McCain will bring about a better future than Obama?

I know I'm spouting off at the heated, liberal mouth here, but y'all know if you've read my blog much that I welcome, in fact NEED, to hear opposing views. Convince me why this makes sense to you.

As always - keep it rational, logical, fact-based, and respectful. Even if I've ranted insanely here - hey, it's my blog, I can do whatever I damned well please. But, I will respect your opinions and welcome dialog and open minds. I'll react in similar fashion. Truly.


Thanks, all.


Cincy Diva said...

Sadly, I live just south of the Mason-Dixon where on a daily basis, I hear "He's the Anti-Christ." "he's a secret Muslim."
When asked to prove it, they just start muttering and then say "Well, I can't, but I know in my heart he is"
Very frustrating.

Chris said...

Amen, brother.

@CincyDiva -- Oh, I hear the same thing in Tejas. So what if he's both Muslim and the Anti-Christ? We've tried God's warrior in the White House -- look where that got us!

Lewis said...

Right on, Big Boy! Speak it out....tell us the way it is. I can't imagine someone voting for someone, anyone, with this screwed up, irrational line of thinking. I mean, vote for someone on the basis of what they believe in or say and do.....NOT to spite someone else or screw up our nation! There really isn't a contest this time around.... it's painfully obvious and quite strikingly clear.

Lewis said...

Oh, and one more thing: So, it's not just "fucking" or "hell"...but, rather, FUCKING HELL? That's pretty damned serious.

Michael said...

Ooh, "fucking hell"! Talk dirty to me, Matt!

But seriously--thanks for posting this. If, in fact, people's support for Clinton is based on policy (and not some deep-seeded racist rationale against Obama), the only logical choice is to now vote for Obama. Despite a highly contested primary, if you look at their policies side by side there is very very little difference between Clinton and Obama. But there is a WORLD of difference between Obama and McCain.

Cincy and Chris, I hope the people you are encountering who think this way are in the minority. My worst fear is that this election will bring out the worst of America's racism. Thankfully I haven't heard much of this attitude in New York (Clinton country)...yet!

Brad said...

Why would Hillary Clinton supporters cross party lines ...

(1) What, in his years of public service, has Barak Obama done for the people of Illinois?

(2) How does two years and nine months of service in the US Senate qualify Barak Obama to hold the highest office in the US and for that matter, the free world?

(3) How can you say that you support the GLBT community yet surround yourself with ANTI-GLBT individuals on a regular, on-going basis?

(4) What has Barak Obama done in his private/personal life to help humankind?

(5) Why is it that when Barak Obama is in a debate that he bobbles and weaves when answering direct questions?

(6) How is it that Barak Obama's campaign can slander and malign Bill & Hillary Clinton and you Obama people just expect their supporters to run with open arms to the man?

Why am I now crossing party lines to vote for John McCain? As a moderate Democrat, I can embrace a moderate Republican ... what I cannot embrace is Barak Obama's lack of experience, lack of empathy for the GLBT community by his associations with anti-GLBT individuals within his own campaign and for me, it's not a matter of his race ... it's a matter of trust. I do not trust him. Period.

And while we're talking about how voting Democratic will save the US ... what the HELL is going on in the Democratic-controlled US Congress?????? They've DONE NOTHING to reverse the damage created by the Republicans. NADA. ZILCH.

Change is more than just standing in front of thousands of people spouting it's time for change -- change is about knowing where we've been and what it will take to get us to where we should be going ...

That is all.

madhouse 6 said...

umm mccain is most certainly not a moderate republican - he's race for the presidancy is proving that day after day. he's becoming Bush III.

Cincy Diva said...

Obviously Brad is not the staunch Democrat and Hilary supporter that he claimed to be. And obviously he knows even less about McCains political career than he does Obama's altho short, but admirable one. Someone need to use their Google.
I told the people upstairs when they asked why they should vote for Obama..."Because Hilary said so!"

Scooter said...

Brad, don't be an ass.
You say Obama hasn't done anything for the GLBT community...look at McCain's record. It's like the only thing he hasn't flip-flopped on...He has actively sought to negate the strides we've made. For God's sake...Gays for McCain makes as much sense as Jews for Hilter.