Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Being part Irish on my Moms side, I have a soft spot for even the Americanized version of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I miss living in Chicago and experiencing the overdone "wearing o' the green" that takes place there. One of my favorite (although not entirely environmentally-friendly) traditions there is the green dye that is added to the Chicago River around the holiday:

No, this picture is not retouched. Yes, it really is that green. Americanized vs. Irish? Absotively. But ya gotta love it.

I started cooking our corned beef at 7:30 this morning in the crockpot (on low heat for 10 - 12 hours), with Harp lager added to the cooking water. Soon I'll add the bay leaf, and later on I'll add garlic cloves, carrots and onion to the broth. Shortly before dinner, I'll cook the champ (green onion mashed potatoes) and peas. I forgot to get soda bread (and I don't bake) so I'm off to Safeway soon (in the pouring rain, no less). I know, this isn't a traditional or authentic Irish holiday meal (it's more a daily comfort food to them), but I'm Irish-American, not born on the auld sod (yeah, there's Scottish history in my family too, although mostly by marriage). Our leprechaun night-light is in place in the kitchen, and I'll throw on a green Polo shirt before Scott gets home from work.

Now all I need is a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" apron and I'll be as tacky as can be ...


Scott said...

Sounds GREAT! What time is dinner? Any room for guests?? My daughter and I are leaving for Chicago early Sunday morning. I'll be sure and send you some pictures of the river when I get back.
Happy St Patty's day!

Lewis said...

Heck, I should have jumped on the 194 Bus from here at the airport and ridden straightaway to your house! I could have stopped at Safeway on the way and grabbed the bread. Another time, another holiday, perhaps. Enjoy.

jo said...

What? You're not sharing Patty O'Furniture here? Chicken! ;-)

They had a piper at my son's band concert the other night, and I think I was the only one who clapped when he announced he was going to finish off by playing Scotland the Brave!

Matt said...

Okay, Jo, just for you ...

Q: What's Irish and stays out all night?

A: Patty O'Furniture

Yeah, I'm a dork. :)

I would have loved to have heard the concert. I was in a friend's wedding in Philadelphia about ten years ago who had a piper playing outside the cathedral before the ceremony. I thought of your side of the family. :)