Sunday, August 30, 2009

Socialism Is Not An Evil Word

This is a great video about the need for government-funded healthcare. I am 100% for this. Bash me in the comments if you feel the need.

Thanks to Kyle.


Dave2 said...

Why do you hate America?


Love this video. It pretty much sums it all up in the best way possible. If only the subject could be debated in a rational manner without blind hatred tainting the conversation, we might actually get somewhere.

Matt said...

Dave - I'm liberal!! I'm a Democrat!! Which means I hate America!!!!! It's what I do!!!!

Oh - and pay no attention to the American flag flying out front, or the fact that I always vote, or the fact that ... well, I'm an American.

I'm taking all y'all down with me!!!! :)

Chris said...

Health care should be left to the corporations, not the government. Because, as everyone knows, the government is evil, whereas free market enterprise prevents corporations from ever being evil. Ever.

Want some koolaid, little boy?

madhouse 6 said...

all is well and good matt - you say you love america, but can you prove you were born here? i doubt it. that flimsy piece of paper - what do you call it - a birth certificate... that can easily be tampered with. you were probably born in russia you pinko commie. you're just trying to take away the power of the american god bless people.


cb said...

Seems to make sense. Perhaps Obama should show this to the school children in his address??