Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Someone Hurt Joe.

Joe Jetta was injured last night.

I came out to go to work and saw this:


I think I stared for a couple seconds before it registered that someone had destroyed my side-view mirror. (And yes, the car is very dirty right now. It's been too cold and snowy to get it cleaned).

My first reaction was to go inside and grab my camera - police reports? Insurance? My second was "I can't drive the car like this". So I went inside, where Scott was still sleeping on his day off, and asked him if it was legal to drive with a broken mirror. He offered to let me take his car to work.

He called me at work later on, and it looks like someone sped by Joe during the night, way too close, and their mirror probably smacked into mine. He called the police, who won't do anything since it's relatively low-cost damage, but Scott wanted to make sure there was at least a record of it happening. It really pisses me off that someone did this and probably didn't even think of stopping. With everything going on around our neighborhood these days, they were probably either drunk, high, or speeding away from the police.

I didn't bother calling the insurance company, since it will be less than the deductible. Lucky point number one: there wasn't any other damage to Joe. Lucky point number two: The glass, wiring, and bracket all seem to be okay, it was the plastic housing that was destroyed and launched all over the place. Scott managed to pretty much put it back together, minus the housing:

I bought my car in Auburn, pretty far south of Seattle, so I called around to some Volkswagen dealers in the city to see if I could get it repaired this weekend. The first one said they didn't do body work, so I could bring it in and have them look at it, but they'd have to order the part and have the paint matched and it could take over a week to get it in. (I also asked them about replacing the windshield, which has a crack in it, and they couldn't do that either, but she did give me a referral). And the only other dealership actually in the city isn't open for service on Saturdays. Hmmph. I'd already been warned not to go there anyway.

So Mike The Windshield Guy will be coming to where I work in the next few days to replace the windshield, to the tune of about $400. And I ended up calling the dealership where I bought Joe and am bringing him in on Saturday for the mirror and some other stuff that needs done. I'm already dreading paying those bills ... but at least Joe will be in better shape and feeling better. The things we do to take care of our kids.


khowaga said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. Those are the two most inconvenient things to happen to a car.

I'm dragging my feet on getting work done on mine (of the preventative sort), knowing full well that if I don't do it, it's not gonna be preventative no more. Sigh.

I hope Joe gets better soon :)

A Lewis said...

Oh Matt, I'm so sorry. Those things really suck. And I already told you on Facebook that I've seen a rash of mirrors in the same situation around Portland lately. The streets are SO narrow and people drive like nuts. I hope it all works out.

Scott in Iowa said...

I know first hand how it feels to be a victim of a hit and run. I'm not sure if I told you about it or not, and I was much too upset about it to post it, but in December my Passat was hit over night and it had $6000.00 in damage done to it. The good thing is that a week later I found the guy who did it, turned him in to the police and his insurance paid to have my car fixed as good as new.
Sorry about Joe :-(

Iron Fist said...

Ugh. That's just so bloody aggravating.

Sizzle said...

How annoying. I'm sorry that happened! That reminds me, I need to get my windshield crack repaired.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that stinks. bad karma on that person. something good will come your way to balance things...