Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Miss Joe.

It ends up that Joe Jetta will be away from me for a few days.

  • The dude that I spoke to the other day mislead me. NO Volkswagen dealers in the Puget Sound area have body shops ... so I can't get my mirror fixed here, either. After staring icily into the service leader's face while expressing my displeasure at driving 35 miles for the same service I could have gotten in the city, I asked - nicely - to at least have the oil changed and a general maintenance check done.

  • Scott followed in his car (well, got a little lost, but showed up about 15 minutes later), so we got in his car and drove up Auto Row. Stopped at the Jeep dealership to take a peek at someday replacing his 2001 Grand Cherokee. Vultures/zombies/vampires descended on us, even in the rain. Only saw a few Cherokees - all 2008 models marked WAY down. Like $23K for a nicely-equipped model. Wow. (Spent time smacking away the drooling, starved salespeople).

  • Went to the Auburn Supermall to waste some time. Outdated and a little sad even when the economy was good. Today, it seemed like half the stores had gone out of business and there were about 20 people in this quite large mall at 12:30 PM on a rainy Saturday. The biggest stores were Old Navy and Dress Barn.

  • The dealership called while at the mall. A long list of items that should be fixed - and after trying to clarify for 5 minutes, most were cosmetic, which I said no to for the time being (everything all together would have been about $1,200). I would have gladly had the cosmetic stuff fixed (repair a scratched grill and a scratched wheel) ... except that it appears I need a new CV boot/joint (which needs to be ordered). How the hell did that get torn? Ugh. My extended warranty should cover it (but I won't know until Monday, since the brokers are closed on Saturdays), which would mean that for a replaced mirror/paint job (they'll have a body shop do it since Joe will be with them for a few days), new CV boot/joint, oil change, tire rotation, and brake flush, I'll be spending about $650. If the warranty won't cover the CV joint, add another $800 + to that. I feel sick.

  • Joe will be at the VW Hospital until probably Thursday. (Whaaa????). So I got a loaner. A 2009 VW Rabbit. I've named him Roger. Roger Rabbit.

    • Of course, I'll be a moving billboard for the next few days.

      *Sigh* Is it silly to say that I miss Joe?


      A Lewis said...

      Kind of fun to have a new little zippy car, And did you really give the dude an "icy" stare??? sound like me!

      Scott in Iowa said...

      As fellow VW driver, I completely understand you missing Joe. When my PAssat was in the shop for two weeks being repaired from the hit and run, the rental that the at fault party's insurance company reserved for me was a Kia Optima. ICK! My apologies to any Kia owners reading this, but compared to a VW with it's top quality standards, a Kia was a downgrade of unimaginable proportions. Glad to see you at least got another VW, Matt.

      LSL said...

      Dude. You're having a rough go with Joe lately. I hope he comes back soon!

      (Catching up . . .)

      Anonymous said...

      whoa, lol I hear you on the zombie sales people LOL

      Anonymous said...

      That CV joint/axle thing is weird. I never even knew I had them 'til I lived in Tallahassee and had issues with them more than once....hmmmmm....and having moved away, haven't heard about this type of issue ever again. Hmmmm. Good luck to Joe. --Tracey P.