Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yes, again. Life is not just busy, it's buried. So enjoy Seattle and the Matter/ScooterHome erupting into spring. I am.

Scott has been collecting state-themed quarters. He's missing a few. This makes him sad.

Scott called on his way home the other night saying he was stopping at the store and asked if I wanted anything. I asked him to get a little wine. He took me literally.

This oversized moving truck was in front of our house before 8:00 this morning. On a Sunday. We saw them put a rocking chair, two lamps, and a small bookshelf in it. It left around noon.

Our black tulip magnolia is getting ready to bloom.

Moss grows fat on a rolling ... um, apple tree.

Stoli and the back half of Kitty wading through the mud in the back yard.

It was really bright out. And damn I look pasty.

Bleeding heart coming up by the hydrangea.


The waterfall in the pond. I love the sound.


A Lewis said...

I have never felt better than when I concluded that 10-year-long quarter-collection process. I got every damned one....and the Hawaii one from a buddy in NY state of all things.

PS...Nice tongue. You need a piercing in it.

LSL said...

Lovely pictures. Very nice. : )

Let me know what quarters are missing - I'd be happy to help!