Saturday, July 05, 2008

Welcome to our 'hood.

UPDATE: This doesn't make me feel any better.

Crime has been WAAAAYY increasing in our neighborhood lately. I'm not quite sure what exactly went on here right in front of our house yesterday ... four squad cars, but the (yes I'm going to be judgemental here) obviously cracked-out woman they were speaking with tottered away on her four-inch cork heels without being hauled away.

There have been break-ins (some violent ones), assaults, shootings, and too many drug deals and "Hey baby you wan' a gooooood time?" items to mention. Right outside our front door. It's getting nasty ... we (our neighbors and us) have to now consciously sit outside and stare down everyone who walks down the street to make them know we see what's going on. I'm very uncomfortable doing that ... but I've started doing it, even for short periods of time, sitting on the bench on the front porch and trying to make it obvious that I'm watching what's going on, and praying someone doesn't pull a gun. Things had gotten so much better for quite a while after I moved in with Scott ten years ago, but the past year has gotten really bad.

There are a lot of discussions that could be started here - gentrification, the economy, racism, etc. etc. etc. And that's fine. But to be honest, I'm just plain nervous and a little scared to live here these days.


Dave2 said...

Sadly, I can only guess that as the economy continues to plummet this stuff is just going to get worse. Bleh.

Lewis said...

You mean you're getting offers for sex, like, right outside your front door? Do you have to pay?

LSL said...

Lewis is so predictable :o)

I think Dave2 is right. When I was an RVA, we always saw violence increase in bad economic times. The personal stress gets to be too much and people make bad choices.

Sorted Lives said...

Violent crime here is horrible. It's so bad the local paper has a map of the city limits and the crime in the area. In my zip-code and nearby, there has been a plethora of break-ins and numerous violent crimes.

Scooter said...

That's the chick that always says, "Me love you long time, baby!"

Jason said...

We've been having similar issues in our neck of the woods as well lately. I try not to think too much about it, part of being an urban dweller some say, but it can be a bit scary at times.

Odd thing is that most of the more violent crimes seem to happen in the burbs. I guess there can be a lot said about a scorned soccer-mom.

Anonymous said...

we have hmm... Im counting in my head...

6 homeless, 2 of whom are addicted prostitutes, on our immediate area. A dozen more on the two regular walks I take my kids.

Nice place to raise them eh?

There is one who constantly has her hair on her head half shaved because she can't pay her drug debts.

Uhm, why keep fronting to this woman(who also propositions my husband-for a $5 blow job- when he gets home in the morning) when she can't pay? ass wipes! Don't you get tired of shaving the bitch's head?

Obviously I am being facetious there, but yeah. Gang bangers, drug dealers, Police and Dumpster divers is our reality outside our doors.

I know how you feel, it IS a little scary to live here too.

Will said...

Boston, which I left just a year ago this coming Friday, is being overrun by violence and crime of all kinds. It's virtually all gang-related but it's the innocent people who get caught in the crossfire who pay with their lives.