Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh, what a Caucus!

Scott and I just got back from our caucus - amazing! There is so much energy and excitement going into this election, it surpassed everything we were expecting. Turnout at all of the Democratic caucuses today is absolutely phenomenal; so many people turned up at ours that they were asking people to leave once they had signed in if they weren't planning on changing their vote, since the number of people pushing into the school was over the fire safety limits. (We live in the most Democratic-voting district in Washington State).

Approaching the Madrona School:

People just kept streaming in - it was so exciting to see so many people getting involved!

We're both torn, but we're leaning heavily toward Hillary Clinton right now - here's Scott with the signs he snagged:

Lots o' people crammed into this elementary school gym (and there were many other precincts caucusing in other parts of the school):

Members of our precinct voting for delegates - like most precincts, ours was about 77% for Barack Obama:

Scott and I in the midst of it all:

(NOTE: That thing hanging from my zipper - uhh, the one on my fleece - is a Democratic Donkey Pez dispenser that Scott bought me the day before the caucus).

I was actually a little surprised at how heavily Seattle is supporting Obama - I expected him to come out in front, but not by the numbers he has. But I'm excited and energized with both Clinton and Obama, and by the fervor and hope being displayed by everyone. I will gladly vote for whichever Democratic candidate is nominated with no hesitancy whatsoever - and what a great feeling that is!!!


Tom said...

It's nice to see that the rest of the country is turning out in large numbers and so many people feel that they need to take part. Maybe it's because we have had such a hellish 7 years of Bush? I have decided to back Obama, but I too would gladly support Hillary if she gets nominated. And I must say, you two make such a cute couple!

Michael said...

Wow, those pictures are great! I have never seen the country to energized about the primary/caucus process. Isn't it exciting. I'm not surprised Seattle is an Obama town with all those lefty hipsters you got out there. ;-)

Chris said...

*[resists the urge to make his lame "if you caucus, does that mean you're a caucusian?" joke while simultaneously making it.]

It might be fun if Texas had a caucus. I'd love to meet the other Democrat in the county!

Lewis said...

Absolutely fantastic! The turnout has been crazy everywhere, especially in the rural areas of our country. Like my old stomping grounds in Idaho where they had to turn people away!

somewhere joe said...

Hillary's winning me over, but I agree with Rachael Maddow's point that the massive democratic turnout is the big story. How exciting for you and Scott. It's historic!