Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 of 12

Time for 12 of 12 again. Thanks to Chad for the idea - and the cultish following he's established ...

These pictures were all taken on Friday, October 12, 2007 in Seattle, Washington.

My first real view this morning. I'd been up for a while, but my eyes weren't open until now:

Oh, the irony ... ( LOVE our ironing board cover!)

You're supposed to put SOME part of your body in at least one "12 of 12" picture. I'm the Man in the Mirror.

Before pulling out of my luxurious parking spot. Cool tree. And cool car, too. For sale. Interested?

Purrrrrty ...

Friday is jeans day. Well, a lot of people wear jeans throughout the week, but Friday is MY jeans day. Here they are. Scott suggested I crop the picture. The original was more of a crotch shot. Scott reminded me that the Bonus Word this month was "Orange", not "Banana". NSFW, so I obliged.

Friday afternoons we have The Bar Cart. Well, it's pretty stationary, but we pull out beer and wine and booze, and people congregate and have a drink (or three) for a small donation. Tres cool, methinks. My friends C and K manning the bar while I took a picture. Some people just take their glass back to their desk and solve problems through alcohol. I admire that.

"You can fit more wine in that glass, beyotch!"

Just before leaving work. My messy workspace. There's not usually a nearly-empty bottle of Pinot Grigio on my desk. Just an imaginary one most days.

I stopped at my buddy R's house on my way home. He and his partner are trying to sell a bed and mattress set, and Scott and I have been thinking about replacing ours. It's a big decision ...

R is also wanting to get rid of his piano. Here he is showing me that some of the keys don't play. We live about six blocks downhill from him. We discussed him pushing it from the top of the hill and me catching it at the bottom. I'm a little unsure about that. These types of things scare me.

Stoli came running down the stairs to greet me when I got home. As usual, when I tried to pet her and take her picture, she basically said "Dad, I want a cheeseburger". *sniff* I've taught her so well.


There was a lot of orange in today's pictures. So I'm going into overkill. But I specifically took this one as Number 13 - R's orange "Le Creuset" crock, which I covet. Mmmmm. Actually, I covet his whole kitchen.


ChadDarnell said...

Great pics! I love the leaves! I miss leaves.

Thanks for doing it!


Sorted Lives said...

Great pics!! I wished someone would come around on Fridays at my job with a rolling bar!! Have a great weekend.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Matt! You can do my ironing if you want! Well we are not allowed to drink at work but there have been many days where I wanted to drink on the job and I'm not really a drinker! Have a good weekend Matt.


Scott said...

OMG!! You mean they ENCOURAGE drinking where you work?? How do I get a job there??
Ok, I LOVE the picture of the trees turning! See, I need to spend more time in Seattle. I honestly didn't know the trees turned like that in Seattle. It's been summer all of the times I've been there.
Haha! your desk looks like mine at work! ...well, except for the wine bottle. you have a secret website where for those who might be interested can go to see the UNcropped crotch shot?
Always love your 12 of 12, Matt.

Dogeared said...

We have a free breakfast (more of an eleveses really) - fruit, cereal, pastries, muffins, cookies, doughnuts, yoghurts, jams/toppings, fruit juice... every Thursday.

But man, the bar cart is a fantastic idea!! Hmm, wonder if the guys at work would go for it?

Zippy said...

Damn! I want to work at your job! Though I do sneak out for the occassional margarita on the dinner break....shhhh......

Scooter said...

I wish I could drink at work...especially since I work retail. It would make so much more fun.

BTW, I'm glad I didn't have to catch the piano!

Zippy said...

I really appreciate your kind words about Worf - it's so hard to lose your furry babies but I know he's out of pain, playing with his brother, sister and cousins and baking in the sun in a meatloaf.

Poun said...

Gorgeous falls trees pics !

nice pics!!

TheBuxStopHere said...

Selling Joe Jetta? Wine at work? Banana Crotch? A friend named "R"?

Don't buy used mattresses.

Matt said...

Andrew, you're silly.

No, I'm not selling Joe. The older model car in that picture is for sale.

Wine at work only because we didn't break out the scotch that day.

There are worse images than a banana.

"R" was a pirate for a while, and it stuck.

And good point about used mattresses. It LOOKED pretty clean, though.


Palm Springs Savant said...

Matt- this is a GREAT post!!! I really really enjoyed it. Love the way you took us through the day, (although I think you cropped the jean shot a bit too much!)

I enjoyed your sense of humor too!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! LOL at the jeans one and comment!

Paul said...

Matt, TGI(was)F.

It looks like you had a pretty good day. Of course, you know I want to see the crotch shot. Ask Scooter if you can send it to me!

(Buy the headboard, it looks OK. But buy a new mattress.)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

your crock makes me thirsty for Tequila Sunrises.

jo said...

Loved this month's pics, cuz. Nice to hear everyone loves your crotch, too! LOL! I bet that's something you never discuss with the family! I always remember there being a piano at your house when I was growing up, so I say catch that sucker and play me some tunes!! And Scott is right: working retail while drinking would be much more fun! I put in a few years at Kohl's back when the kids were younger. Great post! Love you!!

Wayne said...

Loved the pics!
And I agree with the a new mattress!
And you have a lot of readers way into crotch shots!

CondoBlogger said...

OK... you have an open bar at work on Fridays? I should have been an Architect! I KNEW Mike Brady had a good thing going on!

For future reference I don't read your blog at work so any NSFW stuff you would like to post is fine with me.

Scarlet said...

Great photos! We don't get those color leaves here in Miami!

That first pic, however, reminded me of a Hitchcock movie.

9W said...

great pics man.. very nice.

cb said...

You need to rescue that piano and restore it to full play. It would be sad and wrong not to.

Michael said...

Despite the boyfriend imposed cropping, I found the jeans shot titillating.

Love your babies, too!

Great post. ;-)