Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cell Block Tango

Y'all know how much I love the tango. The precision, and more importantly the percussion of it. This, while old, is such a wonderfully and seductive movie interpretation of such a seductive, intimate dance. And, of course, the movie itself (and oh my god the stage production) are sexy as hell. Love this.

Something about the insistence of it ... the intimacy, perhaps the anger? Not quite the right word. The abruptness, the rawness of it. I'm not sure it can be described outside of the music and visual physicalness of it. As in Moulin Rouge:

Hopefully someone understands what I'm saying.


LSL said...

I get it :)

Paul said...

Oh, I understand, Matt. It's the ever-present EYE-CANDY that always seems to be part of any tango!

(And you know how I feel about Moulin Rouge. The best 127 minutes of eye-candy ever produced. No Laws. No Limits. One Rule. Never Fall In Love.)