Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 12 of 12

12 pictures of the 12th day of the month - simple. Actually getting them posted on the 12th - not so simple. But here we go.

Stoli licking her chops after supper. We thought she'd had a stroke a month ago, but it seems she has degenerative back and hip problems, not uncommon for Weimaraners. She's on anti-inflammatory and pain meds, which are helping. She's getting around fairly well these days. Hopefully her paw will heal soon - she developed sores on her paw pads, we think from walking differently - so she can stop wearing the cone of shame.

White lilacs blooming next to the house. I love that smell.

New plants by the front steps - dusty miller and stock. Another nice smell.

Lat year for Earth Day, our company gave all the employees red maple seedlings (yes, even to the employees in New York City). These things can get huge and are the kind that destroyed our sewer line a few years ago. But they look nice in pots.

Hanging basket on the front porch. The weather has been crap this spring, but at least things are blooming.

Bench on the front porch, which it will hopefully be warm enough to utilize someday.

Front door mat.

Some lilacs I brought inside. They don't last long, but they're purty and smell nice.

More pictures that Scott has been framing. His mom is trying to help him get some displayed in restaurants, coffee shops and galleries.

My cousin Jo sent me a packet of old pictures that her mom had. Here is a picture of my great grandparents, plus various pictures of my dad.

Re-bandaging Stoli's paw. We're supposed to take her to the vet to do it, but her bandage had gotten wet and it was too late to get to the vet. We did our best.

The sky looking west from the back of our house. I thought the clouds looked kinda cool.

That's all for this month - happy 12 y'all.


Sunny Archibald said...

Poor Stoli.....I'm sorry she's having issues and hope she gets better soon. I love all your flower pictures; lilacs are so yummy smelling. I planted one last year but it hasn't produced any flowers yet. I love that poppy picturel also your doormat!

LSL said...

Love the hanging basket :) And I'm thinking of you guys and Stoli all the time. xo

Jill said...

Aww, poor Stoli! Hope she's feeling better soon. Our boy had a "boo boo toe" that we wrapped with VetWrap - didn't need tape and it flexed with his foot. I think he liked it... she might, too.

LOVE your door mat! :)

Sizzle said...

Hope Stoli heals quick. Poor pup!

This rain is killing my spirit.