Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 of 12

Here we go, here we go, here we go again ... It's the 12th again - time to play 12 of 12, Chad Darnell's fun invention. 12 pics of the 12th day of the month. And we're off ...

5:06 p.m. All my pics were taken after work, of course. I work in the building on the right (the half-obscured grey and beige building):

5:07 p.m. Not sure why, but I like this picture:

5:07 p.m. I know they're replacing all the windows in this apartment building, but I'm not sure why it's shrink-wrapped:

5:12 p.m. I've posted this same view on Capitol Hill before, but it always makes me laugh. This is an old movie theater that is now a drugstore. The sign was originally advertising the price of a gallon of milk ... but for the past few years it has read "Gal Milk". It's even more deteriorated now. Notice the Statue of Liberty guy on the corner selling tax preparation services:

5:16 p.m. Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. Actually a pretty nice afternoon, even with a few clouds. Tons of people walking and hanging out in the park, and playing soccer and baseball:

5:36 p.m. Just got my hair cut next to Octo Sushi:

5:40 p.m. 11th Avenue, heading home:

5:40 p.m. How much is that skeleton in the window?

5:43 p.m. Toxin-free dry cleaner. How very Seattle:

5:44 p.m. I can't tell you how excited I am that Skillet Street Food is opening a diner near us:

5:46 p.m. I'll never get tired of the view when you get to the top of the hill at 18th Avenue and see the Cascade Mountains. We live in a cool city:

5:59 p.m.: One of the original rules of 12 of 12 is that you have to be in one of the pictures. I can't remember the last picture taken of me that I liked, but here ya go:

And that's it, kids. Happy 12, join next month, and watch your head as you exit the ride.


Aimee said...

At least once a month, I tell my husband to hit me if I ever start to take the views here for granted. We can see the Olympics and Lake W from our new house...so freaking amazing.

Sizzle said...

I love when the Mountain is out as I drive to work on Rainer Ave S. It just makes my day. We live in a beautiful place!

I am also super excited about Skillet coming to the 'hood. Yippee.

Hibe said...

Sorry to hear about Kasha and Stoli. If only your "kids" really knew what loving parents they have and how good they have it. I guess the skeleton in the window might have ny second story men thinking twice before entering that open window... lol You really do seem to live in a beautiful city... wanna trade? lol I'd miss my Phillies, but not the city and all the people who put the filth in Philthadelphia.

Dogeared said...

Gotta love stunning views! And well spotted on the skeleton in the window - very observant! Like the 12th photo too ;-) Nice smile!


Pete said...

I love the Statue of Liberty guy, that's wonderfully random :)

Want to know a strange coincidence? When we were out in Lymington the other day we walked past a house which had a skeleton in the window too!

Sending you guys as much love as possible!

Curtis said...

You have the sweetest little smile.