Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Matterdays Is Alive And Well And Bringing You Pictures, If Nothing Else.

Sometimes lately, I think that I don't have any intelligible thoughts or opinions or news to post. That makes me sad. My head seems to be constantly pre-occupied with work issues ... and once I get home, I'm either in decompression time, or doing chores, or worrying about not getting chores done. When I started this blog, I was unemployed and taking a long break, and had time to breathe and eat and think and write. I miss that. I miss writing things that people would actually read and think about. I miss being able to express myself that way.

I have had to accept some of my shortcomings lately at work and adapt to them, and I'm doing that here, too. I haven't had the time or energy to write and post the way I would like to, so I guess keeping this blog as a purely egocentric album of the passage of my days is what it exists as for now. It'll have to do. It still does me good to have it, and it always does me good to know the friends that I know from this blog experiment. I'm not planning on going away ... but I have to accept the fact that this forum isn't the cathartic outlet I had hoped it would be back when I had the time and energy for it to BE cathartic. Does that make sense?

Anyway - Life is okay these days. Work is work, and takes more of my waking thoughts (and indeed, non-waking thoughts) than I would like, but I'm employed. In this day and age, and in the industry I work in, that alone is a gift. Weather's been good. Scott is a rock for me, as always. I'm a lucky guy.

The current state of acceptance/broken promises/irrationality of my particular minority (I'm a big fag, if you don't already know) is annoying and tiresome. But this column by Mark Morford, whom I truly believe is a superhero and definitely an idol of mine, gives me a little hope, as he always does. (If you're offended by the title of his column, please ignore it and keep reading - it's actually not as blasphemous as it appears at first glance). The hope wanes when I start reading the 800+ comments to his article, but what can you do.

One comment that really stuck with me, though, was one that echoes a thought that I've heard a lot (or paid a lot of attention to) recently. The comment was, "You gays keep 'procreating' your way and see how far it gets you". The gist of this sentiment seems to be that we gays are pushing to have homosexuality be the norm, the majority, and to take over the world.

Even though I don't know what "The Gay Agenda" is, I'm pretty sure this is a big part of the definition. So I'll give the tired, Matterdays-is-sighing response. We don't want to take over the world. We accept the fact that we are a minority. We're okay with that - kinda like it sometimes, quite actually. We just want all y'all to accept - not tolerate, but accept - that we exist, that we are normal and natural, even as a minority, that there's nothing wrong with us, that we are who we are, and let it go. Just let it go. Quit making such a huge ugly deal of it and just let it go.

Okay. Now for a slew of pictures from the past few weeks.


Will said...

what gets me is the success they have keeping alive and spreading the most blatant and outrageous lies about us in the minds and hearts of reputedly intelligent people. In the face of the progress we're undoubtedly making, that block of willful ignorance and bigotry will remain a formidable obstacle for a long, long time, I fear.

Aimee said...

Wonderful column!

And THANK YOU for specifying acceptance rather than tolerance. For years, I have tried to eliminate the word "tolerance" from otherwise freethinking and forward-thinking people's vocabularies. While I'm not in the majority when it comes to sexuality, I am in a religious minority, and this is my biggest problem with people's attitudes. So many believe that to tolerate differences is enough, not noticing the negativity they impart by saying, in effect, "I will notice your differences, dislike them, but consent to share my planet with you anyway, weirdo sinner. You know, because I have to tolerate you."

Acceptance is the key. Accept the differences, and go a step further - embrace them, even.

/soapbox rant

Will said...

I don't know if you're a fan of musical theater, Aimee, but there is a great line from a song in Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music:

As I have often stated,
it's intolerable being tolerated.

Palm Springs Savant said...

well the parade looked like fun anyway!

btw- I've been to that exact Taco Del Mar before!

Aimee said...

Will, we adore musical theater, but I've never seen/heard Night Music. I'll check it out - thank you!

Will said...

You're very welcome, Aimee. Always glad to introduce people to Sondheim.

jo said...

My dear cousin, sorry things are so hectic at work, but like you, so happy that you still have a job.

I thought the article was well written. If you have done nothing else with your blog, you have helped to educate me and open not only my mind but my heart. You've done well, cousin.

I always love your Matterpics. It's one more way of seeing the world through your eyes and your heart.

I just want you to know that I love you.