Sunday, May 10, 2009


Scott and I went out to Port Orchard yesterday to surprise Scott's mom for a pre-Mother's Day visit. Nice day for a drive ...

Downtown, heading to I-5:


Downtown from the West Seattle Bridge:

Heading into West Seattle - I always get lost over here:

In line for the ferry dock - pretty clematis:

I hope we don't end up next to the Waste Water trucks on the ferry:

Kinda pricey:

On the boat:

Our house (someday):

Inside the ferry:

Almost to Mom's:

When we got here, she and Scott's brother were taking things out of the shed - squirrels had gotten in and torn up the insulation, so she wanted to attack it with bug bombs. Great - Scott and I got here just in time to do the dirty work:

In front of Mom's house:

Afterwards - Scott and I stopped at a nursery on the way back:

Coming up to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge:


This car had obviously been rear-ended, and was held together with duct tape:

27 miles later, coming up to downtown Seattle:

New addition to Harborview Medical Center - best trauma center in the Pacific Northwest. My firm designed this part:

Heading east towards Swedish Providence Medical Center. We live over the top of the hill and down about eight blocks:

Then we played in the backyard. One of our statues (and a lantern mowed over by a certain puppy):

Bleeding heart blooming:

Brought in some lilac from the back yard:

A poliwog in the pond!!!!!!

Scott cutting the grass:

Our back yard:

Kali wants you to throw her toy:


Scooter said... day was strangely similar.

LSL said...

I love your Matterpics! Beautiful back yard and I'd totally throw the ball for Kali. :)

Scott in Iowa said...

I love riding the car ferrys!

jo said...

I always love seeing Matterpics! Looks like you had a beautiful day.