Sunday, February 08, 2009


Some bloggers get to a point where they don't have the time or the energy to keep their blogs at the standard that they want. I, too, am going through this.

But hey - it's my blog, I can post when I want to . And what I want. That said, I'm gonna be here for a while. Deal, kids.

And now - MatterPics:

Making breakfast - er, brunch:

Eggs poaching:

Egg and ham sandwiches ... so bad, so good:

Later - cookies. Yes, from refrigerated dough. This was a struggle for me - I love to cook but I do NOT enjoy baking. Still, I wanted Scott to have some cookies, since he's going into inventory and long overnight shifts:

The February backyard - with reflections of the Leg Lamp Lights in the window:

A Sunady Matterdays - hat and all - in the mirror above the stairwell:

The yard and pond from the upstairs deck, almost ready to come back to life:

Have a great week!


madhouse 6 said...

ok, those sammies looked yummy... how do you cook them? do you need cheese (cheese = yuck) - now i'm hungry.

Jeaux said...

Excuse me but there are enough ham and egg sandwiches and cookies there for four. I wasn't called because... ?

Curtis said...

Leg lamp in the window??


Chris said...

I swear the blog ennui is cyclical - every year around this time I go through that, too: "Why do I blog ... what do I want to do with it ... how can I make more money ... I want a martini."

Not all of it's related to blogging ... but the martinis help :)

Will said...

I'm approaching DesignerBlog's fifth anniversary and not feeling any ennui--just too egotistical, I guess! :-)