Sunday, February 08, 2009

Brother can you spare a dime ...

I read this morning about a 90-year-old man in California who has been forced to go back to work for $10 an hour in a supermarket due to losing his retirement income to Bernie Madoff (who, I believe, should be hung upside-down by his nuts for the duration of his house arrest in his Upper East Side penthouse).

My retirement account statement came a few weeks ago, but I hadn't bothered to open it. Out of morbid curiosity, I opened it today:

Boy, was that a mistake. I've lost over 21% of my retirement funds in less than a year. I know, things will eventually improve, and hopefully it will all bounce back ... but wow, did that hurt to see.

I'm trying to stash away a little extra savings and update my LinkedIn information for that dreaded pink-slip day. And somehow convince Scott to start eating Spam.


A Lewis said...

It's not a pretty day for this world, is it? Sad, indeed. I've lost between 30%-33% of my 401-K. Ugh.


i didn't bother opening the enveloppe either, but SPAM???
poor Scott!! i expect you'll be eating the same?...
i draw the line at spam. anything but spam!!
good luck!!