Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Party No. 1

My company's holiday party was last night. With a nod to the recession and to saving money, it ended up being held at our office (rather than at the Fairmont Olympic, Union Station, or Jonas Jensen Studios, as in past years).

Scott looking a little nervous about my driving:

A common picture of me throughout the evening:

Scott talking with our friend May:

Scott decided to get artsy with the camera setting. The view of the bridge going across the alley from our office to the rooftop deck, the Space Needle decked out for Christmas in the background:

Mmmm ... food:

Blurry Scott:

Madonna Matt:

After much dancing, another view of the Space Needle as we left the party:


A Lewis said...

Looks like a big old holiday Christmas penis. The Space Needle, not you guys.

Sizzle said...

Madonna Matt is my favorite. I missed my holiday party because they planned it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of our annual radiothon so some of us were, you know, raising money to give foster kids a holiday gift.


LSL said...

You guys are SO CUTE! Cute, cute, cute. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Handsome fella's :D

Jason said...

The Madonna Matt is my fav.

It's good to hear that some companies are getting creative with holiday parties and not doing away with them entirely.